Monday, December 17, 2012

The .99 Cent Ebook Refund - How Cheap Can You Be?

So tonight I FINALLY figured out where to find my sales on both the ebook version of "The Christmas Cottage" and the paperback sales.  I was so excited as I was reading the report...I mean I was positively giddy.  Then I noticed this little section of the report that said "Refund".  

Seriously, on a .99 cent book?

I'm sorry, and I say this not just as an outraged author but as a human being in general - do you buy a magazine and then return it to the store?  Do you buy a paperback book and then return it to the store?  Why?  BECAUSE YOU USED IT!!!  Amazon's policy is that if you purchase an ebook, you have seven days to return it!  Well, had I known that, I would have returned MOST of the ebooks I've read and saved myself some money.

I've read some really great books and like I said before, I've read some really bad books but I've never thought of asking for a refund because I bought the book and read it!  I know that there is some sort of loop-hole because it's a digital file and therefore no "wear and tear" can happen but for the love of it people, what is wrong with you???  What has to be going through your mind that you have to have your .99 cents back?  Now if it were a $5.00 or more book, I'd consider it but .99 cents?  Geez, if you can't afford .99 cents then don't BUY the book! 

I worked in retail for many, many years and was always amazed at what people tried to return.  Clothes that were clearly worn, food that was opened, books that were was sickening.  It's like everyone wants something for nothing.  You purchase something, you USE it, and then you want your money back?  To what end?

I'm disgusted, honestly and truly disgusted.  This world is full of dishonest people and someone who buys a book and returns it is dishonest - you USED the book.  Have the decency to keep the book.  Indie authors make next to nothing and you want to take away the measly .35 cents we make because you want to work the system.


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Petula said...

Yea, that's pretty sad. Even if I never planned on reading a book I still wouldn't return it. It's the principal of the thing. I always try to put myself in another person's position. In this case, the author's. Isn't going through the process of asking for a return a hassle and a waste of time. The person could earn more money from shopping through ebates in the times it took to ask for a refund of that change. SMH

On a high note: I'm glad you figured out how to check your stats and reports. :-)