Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ebook Readers...

Love them?  Hate them?  Know how to use them?  

Last year for Christmas, Frank bought me a Kindle Touch.  I was not gracious about the gift at first.  I opened it, smiled and was like "Oh!  Look at this!" when the reality was I was fuming inside because I had told him a week earlier how much I did NOT want an ebook reader!  I prefer the feel of a "real" book, I enjoy turning the pages, I love scanning through them and re-reading some of my favorite parts...

What an idiot I was!

It took a little time but then I learned to embrace the Kindle and after a while, I kind of stopped buying paperbacks.  Not completely, mind you.  There are a couple of books that I have bought in paperback mainly because they weren't available in ebook format and I just had to have them right away.  Crazy, I know, but there it is.  

I didn't feel the need to step up to the Kindle Fire or covet any other more high-tech reader, I enjoy my simple Kindle Touch.  Then I discovered the Kindle App for my iPhone.

I'm lucky I still have a job.

I have found great joy in reading on my iPhone no matter where I am.  Hell, that's what got me through the long lines on Black Friday!  I read three novella's in a 24 hour period all from the convenience of my phone!  Who knew!

My soon-to-be 13 year old (yikes!) was browsing the campus bookstore when we went to tour Nick's college and he discovered the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  He was mesmerized by the whole thing and then started a campaign to get one for himself.  I was curious as to why it had to be the Nook; I don't have anything against the Nook but I wanted to know what it was about the Nook that drew him in.  The answer?

He could watch Netflix on it.


So I did a little research and basically the more high-tech "tablets" or ereaders have all kinds of apps to not only read but watch movies on and he told me that he is allowed to have an ebook reader at school with him.  I then had to remind him that he would have to actually READ on it if he had it at school and not be watching Dr. Who on Netflix.  I got the eye roll and the "Mom, please" but I could tell that he hadn't considered the possibility of getting caught watching TV at school.

Ah, youth.

The thing that really got me was the price of the Nook, the Fire, and the like.  He's 13.  I don't think that any child (and yes, he is still a child) needs to have the most expensive gadgets on the market because really, they don't know how to take care of them.  So we compromised and he agreed to not NEEDING the Nook and would be happy with an Android tablet.  Thank God for Amazon and Black Friday.  We got a sweet deal and when I see that he can really take care of his electronics (he's lost his iPod about a dozen times), we'll think about upgrading.

So what's your favorite tablet or ereader?  Have you found one that is far more superior than the rest?  I would love to know!

And you know what is the best part of the ereader?  MY BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ON THEM!!!  "The Christmas Cottage" is currently #398 in Kindle downloads and 83,174 on Nook and only .99 cents per download!  Such a deal!!

Daily Amazon Stats:
#32 in Contemporary Women's Fiction
#52 in Contemporary Fiction
#80 in Contemporary Romance
#11 in Hot New Releases in Contemporary Women's Fiction
#14 in Hot New Releases in Contemporary Fiction
#22 in Hot New Releases in Contemporary Romance

Would Oprah please give me a call!!!

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