Saturday, December 29, 2012

Free Book Marketing With Ask David...

So in my constant quest to be an Indie author with a successful book, the main thing that I have to keep at (besides writing!) is the marketing.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, this is exhausting.  It's time consuming at after working a full day at a full-time job, I hardly have time to come home and spend time with my family before I have to be back in front of the computer writing and marketing to keep the book out there.

We are closing in at the five week mark since "The Christmas Cottage" was released and the sales have been impressive.  I'm not ready to quit my day job or anything but I have been thrilled with the response to the book.  So while I was searching for ways to promote the book on my limited budget, I came across  What's  Here's a blurb from their site:

About this site
This site promotes books and publishes reviews submitted by the community. In order to ensure high quality, all reviews are manually checked before they are published. Only reviews are accepted which can not be found elsewhere on the web. So far there are 3994 reviews published.  

Basically, I submitted the required information on "The Christmas Cottage" and will promote it through their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and the like to get the word out to more people than I possibly could.  Sweet, right?

Here's a listing of what benefits askDavid guarantees:

- We will create a book promotion page for each of your books

- We will link to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest sites

- If there is a video on YouTube related to the book, we will display it

- We will display your profile picture if you want

- Users will write reviews of your book – you can quote them on your website

- You get automatic notifications of new reviews of your book

- Social Marketing:  visitors promote your book on Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Pinterest

- We will send a tweet about your book to our 8400 followers on Twitter

- This all will create awareness about your books which leads to more sales

- We link to you book’s Amazon page so visitors can easily buy your book

I am just signing up and getting started but I am very excited to see what kind of results we get for "The Christmas Cottage".  I am getting ready to start on the follow up book and won't have as much time to do marketing myself so I am looking forward to having more help.

I'll keep you posted on my progress! 

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