Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amazon Suggestions

So as you might have guessed, I haven't been too thrilled with Amazon since learning of their return policy.  As an independent writer who is paying for all of the marketing and promotional stuff for "The Christmas Cottage" on my own, any loss of sales is a big deal to me.  Then there's the fact that I don't really SEE Amazon doing anything to promote me and my book even though they are taking a whole lot of my money.

So imagine my surprise today and when at 7:20 this morning a very dear friend calls me to tell me that she was going through her emails and there in her inbox was one from Amazon.  If you subscribe to them you can get daily emails from them where they make suggestions for items for you to purchase based upon some of your shopping history.  Well, under Literature and Fiction, guess what book was at the top of the list???


That's right!  OMG!  Who can believe it?  But there it was!  In full color on the page in the email in her inbox from Amazon...they were promoting ME!  How freakin cool is that???

 I am not going to lie to you, it was a pretty darn incredible feeling.  I'm beginning to feel like a REAL author!  The funny thing is, Amazon does not tell me when they are going to do something like this; I guess it's just the luck of the draw but I am feeling beyond blessed that they chose me.  A little nobody Indie author from North Carolina!

Who is still waiting for either Oprah or Good Morning America to call... and perhaps the Hallmark Channel to call with an offer to make my book in to a movie.

Just a suggestion...

Actually, I'd be equally thrilled to hit the Top 10 in Women's Fiction and be in the Top 100 in Kindle by Christmas Eve.  Please share the link with your friends; like the book on Amazon, check out our Facebook page.  Everyone has been so amazing and supportive but I've got a long way to go and can use all of the help I can get!

Check your Amazon emails...I may be in there!  LOL!

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