Monday, December 10, 2012

Advertising on Facebook

In my quest for more social media marketing, I am coming up against some weird options and some that are a little, shall we say, less than forthcoming with their prices and then the ever so popular "Free" advertising that is not anything even remotely resembling free.

I have paid some money for advertising and it's all been relatively small - $5 on one site for 24 hours worth of exposure, $8 on one and $10 on another.  I believe they are working because we're doing well on the Amazon charts and that's where I am focusing the most right now because while Barnes and Noble is awesome, I truly believe that Amazon is going to generate more overall sales.

Tonight, I did something that I was kind of confident that I wouldn't do.  I created an ad on Facebook.  They aren't free, it's $10 a day but with the target audience that I generated the ad toward, I have the possibility of reaching over 30 million people.  We'll see.  To me, that seems like a lot and really, I'm pretty sure that out of that target number, about 75% of them aren't on Facebook all that much.  I'm doing the ad for only two days to see what kind of sales/interest it generates.

The ad is simple; it simply headlines "Samantha Chase Fan Club" and then mentions that the Kindle download is only .99 cents and then the link to the Amazon page.  Next time I may do it just to get the likes, I'm not sure.  There was a spot for me to enter a coupon code toward the advertising but I could not find any such code.  So I'm going to search the web over the next two days and see what I can find because if I can find that elusive $50 in advertising credit code, that would give me more time to keep the ad out there.

We were in the top 30 on the Amazon Best Seller list today and that is always exciting.  My goal is to hit the top 25 by next weekend.  I'm hoping this little campaign will help me achieve that goal.  This is just all so new and confusing to me.  Add to that the fact that Amazon hasn't released any of my sales info yet, it would be nice to know that I am actually MAKING some money and not just spending it.

This is why writers need assistants.  We cannot possibly write the next best seller when we are continually having to market and promote.  Although, from what I understand, the days of the publisher helping with that is almost gone forever so really, whether you are an Indie author or with a publishing house, you have your work cut out for you and you would be wise to have someone helping you.  Thank you, Dot, for helping me!  Soon, you'll be making more money than me on this endeavor.  LOL!
Our final stats for the day aren't great but we'll take them!
# 41 in Contemporary Women's Fiction
# 68 in Contemporary Fiction and # 538 in Kindle Downloads.  

If you see the ad on Facebook, give it a click!  And if you haven't had the opportunity yet, please click HERE and go to Amazon and "Like" the book - and download for only .99 cents!  Help the starving Indie Author! 

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