Thursday, December 27, 2012

Local Celebrity Sighting!

I had a great time tonight.  Why?  Well, tonight I traveled to visit a cousin that I haven't seen in probably 30 years!  We had reconnected on Facebook and her parents (my aunt & uncle/2nd cousins?  Still not sure!  LOL) were in town and she was hosting a Christmas get-together and I was invited.  Very excited at the invite, I took the 90 mile trek to visit my family.

What a great night!

There were more people there that I didn't know than those that I did but everyone was super nice and it turns out that my sweet cousin had been promoting my book to her friends and co-workers so people knew who I was!  Then my dear aunt was introducing me as a best selling author!  I even signed and autograph!  How funny is that?

I may not be signing books at Barnes & Noble or at some Romance convention, but this little get together was probably one of the most endearing and entertaining events I've had as an author and it wasn't even planned to be one!  I had the chance to talk to some amazing people, reconnect with family and generally, talk about my book with some people who were genuinely interested.  How could someone not enjoy that?

So while around town here I am still just Stace, it was kind of cool to go someplace and have my alter-ego get some attention.  

I found out today that "The Christmas Cottage" is no longer eligible for the Hot New Release category.  I was really kind of bummed about that one because it doubled the number of lists I was on.   But really, after a month of being on the market, I guess it kind of makes sense that I am no longer considered "new".  My numbers are dropping but really, it was exciting to know that I peaked at #10 in Women's Fiction and #116 in Kindle books.  Some authors never get that kind of rankings and so I am honored to have hit those highs.

The plan is to keep in marketing mode until New Year's and then start on the next book.  Will it be something that goes along with "The Christmas Cottage" - like maybe Ava's story?  I don't know.  Her story isn't coming to me clearly yet.  I have some other plots swirling around in my brain that my need attention first.  

I'm trying to reach that 10,000 sales mark on "The Christmas Cottage" by New Years.  If you haven't gotten your e-copy yet, now would be the perfect time!  Did you get an e-reader for Christmas?  Don't you want to stock it with .99 cent books?  LOOK NO FURTHER!!  Click HERE to go to the Amazon page and get your copy and remember to click like while you are there!

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