Thursday, December 20, 2012

12-21-12 - Thanks for Nothing Mayans!

I'm not going to lie to you, history is so not my thing.  Sure, I got in to it a bit when we were homeschooling but when we were done, so was I.  I don't get in to all of the hype with things like Nostradamus (although I have watched a few documentaries), I'm not big on conspiracy theories (but I will admit that there was an interesting one on the "death" of Paul McCartney that left me thinking) and I'm not one to get all hyped up on the End of the World stuff.

If there's one thing that I am fairly certain of it's that God does not want us to know that date.  All of this theory about tomorrow being the end of the world just makes me roll my eyes.  Remember Y2K?  Nothing.  I just don't see that this is going to be anything significant except that people will remember how stupid people acted leading up to it.  

 Although, if I had to jump on the crazy bandwagon I'd have to say, Really, Mayans??? I finally get my life in order just for the world to end?  How fair is that???  I mean, Frank and I both have jobs, Nick's going to college and I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of being an author with a book on a best seller list and I don't even get to enjoy it???  COME ON!!!

Has anyone thought that maybe the guy making the calendar died and no one else could finish it?  Did you think that maybe they thought that they had put enough in to the calendar that eventually someone else would take over?  I mean, how long were they supposed to work on this calendar?  There are a million reasons as to why the Mayan calendar ended and I'm finding it hard to believe that any of them are because the world is ending tomorrow.

Boy will my face be red if that is the case!

And speaking of red, don't you love the red color on the cover of my book "The Christmas Cottage"?  I mean, it's a cute, festive little cover and I really, really like it.  Today at our highest point we were #165 in Kindle downloads!  Holy cow!!!  I've sold almost 4,200 kindle books in three weeks!  I love that I can actually track sales now.  It's pretty cool - and addictive.  I'll need to take a break from all of the tracking in the new year and spend my time working on my next book because I can see that I'm getting a little bit crazed.

It was funny because when I finally figured out the tracking this week and where to find it, my goal was to hit 4,000 sales by Christmas Day.  I was floored when we made it there today.  So my new goal (dream) is to be at 5,000 sales by Christmas Day.  I have no idea how successful we'll be but I would love to see it happen.

Don't make me miss that, Mayans!  

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