Thursday, March 24, 2011

So basically she's just not a good teacher...

So my new class on how to write a query letter started this week.  I almost didn't take it because of the instructor.  I took a synopsis class with her and she sucked.  I was assured by the people who oversee the classes that it really was just a fluke.

So far I am not impressed.

The class started on Monday and her lesson was VERY brief.  Her assignment was for all of us to introduce ourselves.  Okay, fine, done.  The next day was another really brief lesson and she asked us for our pitch - without really giving a very good explanation of what that was.  Yesterday was just a list of do's and don't's along with an assignment of writing a little bit longer of a pitch even though she never critiques the ones that were written.  Annoyed yet?

Today was just a posting of examples of query letters and now she wants us to write one.  Are you kidding me???  How about interacting with your students and telling us how the first freakin part that we wrote was or even the second before making us write the whole dang thing??

What makes me crazy is that this woman has a great website with a ton of information for writers and she is published!  I mean, she clearly sucks as a teacher and yet she has a job and here I still am, and don't.  

I'm going to finish this class and when the survey comes around again, I am going to be just as truthful as I was the last time and then vow to never, EVER take a class that this woman is teaching again.

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WriterChick said...

You are a much better teacher. :)