Sunday, March 6, 2011

Major Disappointment...

So remember how I mentioned that I had signed up for a couple of on-line writing workshops?  Well, the first one which was "25 Words from Query to Sales Success" was awesome!  The instructor was amazing, she offered immediate feedback and really, really, REALLY taught on exactly what the class was described as.  Money well spent.

The second workshop, "The Synopsis - a Necessary Evil" was such a waste of time that I am in the process of waiting to hear from the people at the site because I lodged a complaint.  The class was $15 for a one-week course.  Well, the teacher did not post lessons in a timely manner, as a matter of fact, she posted only three lessons in 7 days and here we are, two weeks beyond that and she has not posted ANYTHING.  When I wrote her today because access to the class ends tonight at midnight and asked if more lessons were coming, she said no.



During the course of her class, she complained that she could not access the class while at work so she would only be able to do it at night.  Really?  She didn't think of this BEFORE signing up to TEACH the class?  Then she had a cold.  Then she had a big project at work and then, THEN (and this is my personal favorite) she was hosting a CHRISTMAS DINNER for a friend!!  Are you freaking kidding me???  I PAID for this class and you can't teach it or put up a lesson because you are hosting a Christmas dinner in February???  Did you not prepare at ALL for this?

Needless to say I am beyond pissed.  I sent a letter of complaint to the site but I would like to get my hands on this thoughtless idiot and demand that she never offer to teach anything again in her life!

Before this nightmare, I signed up for a month-long class on using Microsoft Word in novel writing and it is great and this week starts a class on teaching an on-line class.  Maybe the synopsis idiot should have taken that class herself.  Lesson one?  BE ABLE TO TEACH THE CLASS!!!  Lesson two?  ACTUALLY PREPARE THE LESSONS IN ADVANCE!!

I don't know if those are actual titles or not but they should be.  So we'll see if the site refunds my money because I am just beyond disappointed.  I don't have a lot of money to spend and that was a class that I was really excited about and really wanted to learn about.  

Thanks for nothing, loser!

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Anonymous said...

It appears that your complaints are well founded. Teachers should, in theory, have to ability to teach and should set aside time for their pupils. There are a great many online writing courses available, I don't know how many are legitimate, but I've seen a few that look extremely dodgy. I think the main thing about writing is practice and persistence.
Write often, every day if you can.
And don't give up.