Sunday, March 20, 2011

Extreme Makeover - Eleven Year Old Edition...

Okay, so with Nick getting ready to move out, amazingly enough, another phenomenon is getting ready to take place in our home.

Michael will finally have a room to himself.

Because this is a two bedroom home, the boys have always shared a room.  Nick was eight when Michael was born so he knows the joy of being a single occupant.  Michael has never known such bliss.  So now that we are getting Nick's things cleared out, I sat Michael down and told him that I want to do a room makeover for him (inexpensively) and wanted to know what sort of things he wanted.

First, he wants a desk.  

To do his homework at.

Can you hear the crickets?

What makes that request HILARIOUS to me is that this is my child who we find working in all kinds of weird placed - the couch, the floor, the bed, the kitchen floor, the name it, he's done his homework there so the fact that he really wants a desk just threw me for a loop!  I am now looking around frantically for a cheap student desk for him.

Then we go to Walmart because his other request was that we get rid of the Sponge Bob sheets and get him "real" sheets.  Well, if we are going to go that far, we might as well get a new "bed in a bag" deal and freshen up the place.  

He picked out a black and gray set.  

With a giant electric guitar on it.

Did I mention that the walls in his room are baby blue and the curtains are navy?

This is not going to be as easy as I thought OR as inexpensive...

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Petula said...

LOL... That's too cute and funny. That's exactly why I don't ask my kids what they want in their rooms. I've been doing a little changing around since we moved and Amber is planning on getting an apartment soon so everyone is getting a big kid bed (twin size) with new bedding, etc., etc. Good luck with the redecorating/makeover.