Thursday, March 3, 2011

That's okay, Jake Ryan's probably bald too...

Tonight I was sitting here on the computer and Frank was flipping through the TV channels and all of a sudden he stopped and no lie, within ten seconds I KNEW what he was watching without seeing the screen.

Sixteen Candles.

If you are a child of the 80's, you KNOW this movie.  If you are female, you KNOW all about Jake Ryan.  So I was sitting here watching it (because really, that's what you do when Sixteen Candles is on) and it got me thinking about what the cast would look like now.  I mean, Molly Ringwald is now playing the mom on the Secret Life of the American Teen, Anthony Michael HalL (Farmer Ted) shows up from time to time in movies and he clearly does not look geeky anymore but where in the world is the actor who played Jake Ryan?

He retired from show business!

There weren't any pictures of him readily available and I have to tell you, I'm actually kind of glad about that.  Lately, it's been a harsh reality of how the beautiful people of the 80's are not so beautiful anymore.  Yes, yes, we all age, I know that, but it's hard to see some of those looks disappear so harshly.  Sorry, that sounds mean, I know, but a little true. 

I love VH-1 Classics and the "Behind the Music" specials or the "Classic Albums" - especially when they focus on my favorite bands from way back.  Until you see them now.  Again, I KNOW they get old but...I'm going to put on my "mean girl" shirt for a minute and say a few things.  First, I am a huge Def Leppard fan.  Joe Elliott in the "Pyromania" days is absolutely wonderful to look at.  I'd hop on a plane to the Caribbean in an instant with THAT Joe Elliott.  The current Joe Elliott?  At times resembles Elvis right before he died.  

A couple of weeks ago I posted the new Duran Duran video and someone mentioned how old they look.  I didn't think that they looked to terribly old but I follow both John and Roger Taylor on Facebook and they both post a lot of their own personal pictures and without the help of softened camera lenses and photoshop, YES, these guys look very rough around the edges.


So not my rock and roll fantasy...

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Petula said...

I totally get what you're saying. I've been having those same realizations. It's almost painful to see these actors/beautiful people age; it makes me feel my own age. Totally Twilight Zone! :-)

Yes I, of course, remember Sixteen Candles!