Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something must be in the air there...

What in the world is going on in Hollywood?  I mean, seriously.  This whole Charlie Sheen thing is just WAY out of control and really, if here, in the REAL world someone was acting that way, their children would be removed from the house and they would be committed.  In Hollywood?  The news media is lined up to interview him!!  Maybe they are all hoping that they will be the ones who will be able to boast about having Charlie Sheen's "Final" interview.  And I honestly and truly believe this man is in great danger of dying because his behavior is so out there, this can't end well.

Then there's Lindsay Lohan.  If you or I walked in to a jewelry store and asked to try on a $2500 necklace, we would have people SURROUNDING us until we took it off - thirty seconds later!  No way would anyone allow a regular person to "wear" something that expensive around the store for 45 minutes.  And really?  No one saw her leave with it still around her neck?  Give me a break!  Put her in jail!  Please!  There are people serving YEARS in prison for stealing less, what makes her so damn special?

Did you watch the Oscars?  I watched maybe five minutes of it - the five minutes where Melissa Leo dropped the F-bomb in that doily-wreck of a dress.  I mean, you are up for an Academy Award and THAT'S what you choose to wear AND you can't watch your mouth for the freakin sixty seconds you're up on the stage!  Shame, shame, SHAME on you!  

I no longer feel the need to dream about being rich and famous because CLEARLY, most of these people are out of their MINDS and they get away with it!  Thank you but I would rather stay in the real world where it is simple and people have morals and try to be decent.  Remember when Hollywood signified glamour and something that people actually wanted to see because this people were talented and gracious?  What we have now is nothing more than a giant freak show.  

I'll stay here in small town NC, thanks...


Roo said...

Very well stated Stace! Hollywood has lost it's prestige. They were once icons to be admired and sometimes revered, but not anymore. Now it's a bunch of freaks, thieves and losers... not all, but many!

I fully agree about the Charlie Sheen situation. He should be locked up as a danger to himself and those around him. I did read this morning that the children have been removed from the house. And for him to demand a 50% pay increase is ridiculous. After everything he has done these last few months, I'm glad they finally fired him. I don't watch the show, but given his behavior they have been more than generous and patient with him.

As a fellow Disney "freak," I think you'll agree that having so many Disney remakes out there with Lindsey Lohan in them is a slap in the face to Disney. Annette Funicello was not even allowed to wear a bikini when she was a Disney girl. She seemed to keep those morals the rest of her lift. The newer Mouseketeers could learn a lesson from her... Brittney Spear, Christina Aguilera, Lindsey Lohan, etc.

Ruth said...

This is at least partly why I like Dan Radcliffe so much, he actually seems like a normal person! Then again he's London, not Hollywood. The original offer for the Harry Potter films was for all seven films to be done in Hollywood, his parents refused to go along with it. Good decision on their part, I think.

Charlie Sheen is a total NUT JOB! I totally agree with you, anyone acting like that in the real world would've been hospitalized by now. As for Lindsay, personally I don't think it's entirely her fault. Her dad was in prison most of her life and from what I hear her mom isn't anything to write home about, behavior-wise. Not to mention the bars that were letting her in when she was underage (because she's a "celebrity" @@) should be in big trouble for allowing underage drinking in their establishments. If I remember right Dan was once quoted as saying she's a really sweet girl but maybe she just doesn't have good people around her.

Billy Ray Cyrus has been quoted as saying he wished Hannah Montana had never happened. Hindsight is 20/20, huh?

Tammy said...

Stace I so agree with you, Roo and Ruth. I'm sick of hearing about it and these people have no idea how lucky they are. It's all very sad.