Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the theme of the day is...moving

So I have a friend who is currently being forced to sell her home.  Her ex-husband won't pay his child support (claiming he is unemployed but that is debatable) and she can no longer afford to live in the house.  She has maintained it by herself for over 12 years but has finally hit that point where she can't do it.  

I went over there today to help her start decluttering her house.  The Realtor came in and told her that she had to MAJORLY declutter to get the house ready to show.   This was going to be a HUGE task.  So today was the first day.  We went through the first two bedrooms and scratched the surface but we had to start somewhere.

When I got home, it made me look around my own house.  Now I have to admit, I am the QUEEN of decluttering.  I don't get attached to my possessions and once every 2-3 months, I sweep through the house to get rid of things that are just getting in my way.  As a matter of fact, I can't even have a yard sale because I don't have enough stuff!  

Several years ago I helped another friend move.  A bunch of us went over to help her pack and load the moving truck (all being done at the same time)  it amazed me how much "junk" was being packed up and loaded on to the truck because she did not want to part with it.  There was almost 30 boxes of this stuff!  It filled up the garage at her new house!!

I also helped another friend on her moving day with cleaning up behind the moving guys.  I give her credit for letting us in to witness what was hidden behind the washer and dryer and what her bathrooms looked like!  So again, that had me thinking, what the heck does MY house look like?  What's hidden behind my stuff??

Well, last year before Nick's graduation party, we essentially pulled our house apart to clean in it preparation of the family coming in and all of the hooplah that goes with people being in your house.  Since then, I've MOSTLY maintained that and really, with the exception of my kitchen (which is always in a state of disarray), I think that I could have my house packed up in two days and be out of it in three with the cleaning process.  

So what does your house look like?  If you had to put your house on the market today, or move out by the end of the week, how big of a task would this be to get ready?  It's almost Springtime and a good time for Spring cleaning and decluttering!!

Look around you, it is a proven fact that too much clutter in your house can cause will be DE-lightful!!!


jenn said...

We plan on moving in June, and I am not sure I will have everything packed before than. My elephants alone take up about 30 boxes!

Grace said...

Just like you, I'm not really fond of clutter so I always end up giving or throwing up things we don't really need. I can say that if ever we will be moving, we can just pack our things in less that 3 days.

Less clutter, less stress.

Good day.

Irene said...

As you are the queen of de-cluttering, I sadly am the queen of all things clutter. But now I am motivated--your post struck a chord-- and I am set to start throwing away things around here. My problem is that I get too sentimental and hold on to things that really needed to be tossed long ago.

Wish me luck, hehe!!

Da Dude said...

We are planning on selling this summer also. We have to declutter also. Not looking forward to it.