Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who are your celebrity friends?

Hi, my name is Stace and I am a celebrity stalker.

Kind of.

Sort of.


Okay, so something fun that I have discovered on Facebook (the possibilities, apparently, are endless!) is that you can be "friends" with celebrities.  No, they don't actually accept your "Friend Requests" BUT you join their fan page and they do, in fact, interact with you.

Remember my favorite author Susan Mallery?  See her new book on my sidebar to the right!  Well, it kind of started with her.  She is great with her fans and really takes the time to answer any comments that you post and she even puts a lot of questions out there herself to get feedback from her fans.  Just one of the many reasons that I love her!  Well, that and she has read this blog and commented on it. 

So after that, I joined the fan pages of a lot of other authors whose work I love.  They're not as fun as Susan, but I enjoy talking with them and seeing what they have going on.  I get to hear about the books that they're working on and find out where they are having on-line forums and that sort of thing. Also, a lot of them - including Susan - do a lot of giveaways that I might not know about if it weren't for their fan pages.  Check out Susan's site HERE.   Another great author, Emilie Rose, I've actually gone for coffee with her (long before Facebook) because she lives here in Raleigh and so we chat from time to time on Facebook.  She's awesome, too, so check her out.

Well, then I branched out a bit and found out that some musicians who are part of a group actually have individual pages and not just "band" ones.  So, in my 80's phase a couple of months back, I looked up my Duran Duran men and found both John and Roger Taylor had individual pages.  John Taylor posts a LOT!  And with pictures!  And while they have not responded to me, personally, I've enjoyed the general interaction.

I need a hobby, right?

I need to get a life and get off of Facebook, right?

I need to have Roger Taylor say hello just ONCE and I'll cut back, I promise!!!


Anonymous said...

Susan Mallery is a FABULOUS Facebook friend! She always responds and interacts with her readers/friends. If you're a fan of Susan Andersen, you should friend her. She wished me happy birthday a few weeks back. It was the highlight of my Facebook day! HAHA

Grampy said...

I am actually thinking about interacting more on Facebook. I just kind of let it go. Facebook is the place to be. So I have been told.I do interact a bit with a celebrity. She has written a few books.
Do what makes you feel good.

Da Dude said...

Betty White said it best on SNL. FaceBook is a complete waste of time.

Yeas I have a FB page. I also have something like 500 friends. I think I really know about a dozen of them. The I get a zillion game requests. I don't play the games. People I don't know answer questions about me and to find out what they said, I have to pay to find out.

Tammy said...

I never even thought to look up a celebrity for a fan page. I look for old friends. I'm going to start searching.