Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'd take that deal...

So I have been feeling like I need eight extra hands to get work done that is getting me nowhere.  Ever feel like that?  I am doing my on-line classes (which I am loving), trying to get Frank's business out there on the internet and find him work, I'm helping a friend de-clutter and get her house ready to sell while looking for work myself.

It's damn-near exhausting.

Since the job search is so important, I had to really look at what I want to do and what I really want, besides getting published, is to teach.  I do teach writing classes to homeschoolers and I LOVE it but it's getting harder to get students because there are so many people out there who have caught on to this market and are offering them as well.  I cannot be a "real" teacher because that would require much time and money to go back to school and as I've stated in other posts, the thought of taking PE and Biology at my age is just not something that I want to do.  Plus, it would be a MAJOR waste of my time.  

As opposed to the hours a day I spend on Facebook playing Solitaire...but I digress...

We have a friend up North who was struggling financially just like we are and someone offered them a house to live in for FREE for one year - they still paid the utilities and whatnot - but the house was essentially rent free for a year.  This allowed them to get caught up on other bills and expenses and not go any further in to debt and that year helped them to get back on their feet without damaging their credit.

Um...yes, I would DEFINITELY take that deal.  Not only would it get me out of this stupid house (with a landlord who has been MIA since October - probably so that we can't ask him to fix anything else) and have a little breathing space for a little while.  

Anyone know a millionaire of some sort that wants to help us out with this???  I guess it's a good deal if you can find it...


Unknown said...

What a deal. If you aren't opposed to moving semi-regularly and getting a background check, you might consider house-sitting.
I know some military and/or oilfield workers who want to keep their homes but don't want them to be empty or appear abandoned nor the hassles of renting so they find house sitters. Sometimes there is a small income involved and sometimes not, but if it is something you might like to do wouldn't hurt to check it out.

Karen said...

His website is beautiful. I didn't see any mention of his being insured. You might want to list that.

Your house is going to be a bit quieter with Nick gone. It will be a good experience.

A charter or private school would be lucky to have you teaching. Good luck with that. Sometimes it is knowing someone at the school. Check on your resume after a few months so they don't just file it away.