Friday, March 25, 2011

All good things thrown away

Okay, so here we are at Friday.  One week to go until Nick moves out.  His side of the room is just about packed up but there is just a giant pile of boxes that take up more room than the stuff that used to be out and about in the room.  So today we started to tackle Michael's side of the room.


Am I in that much of a rush to get the boy out?

No, not really.  Michael goes back to school on April 4th and I would really, really love it if his room was completely done and put back together before school started back so that once he is back on a regular routine, there is no more chaos around him.  That boy does NOT do well with a disrupted routine!

So we started with all of the bins under his bed.  There were three of them - all filled with miscellaneous Legos and action figures.  Man oh MAN!  I am ashamed at how many action figures we have allowed to come in to this house and all of the Legos are now in a 20 gallon tote that will go in the closet.  The other bins have been sorted through and I would say that about 90% of what was left after the Legos has been thrown out.  I am so proud of Michael!

Next came the toy box.  He is eleven years old and the toy box phase of life - in my mind - is officially over.  Nick did not have a toy box at age eleven and really, it has just become a junk collection site.  So he sorted through all of that and we found, surprise, surprise, more Legos and action figures.  Whatever was left after THAT got thrown out or put in a bag to Goodwill.  Now I am selling the toy box and that makes me a little bit sad because really, it's been a good little toy box to us.  Nick got it for his first Christmas and it is in amazingly good shape.  If we had more storage space I would save it for when we have grandchildren but really, we are trying to make more space around here.

THEN...because it's a non-stop-fun-house around here, Frank started to build Michael a platform bed.  The purpose of this is two-fold.  First, Nick's box spring broke a while ago and he needs one so we are going to give him Michael's box spring and frame.  Why?  Because we would prefer Michael to have a platform bed so that nothing ELSE will go under his bed ever again!  That boy used to burrow himself under the bed!  So we decided that THAT phase of life is now over, too.  

Once the bed is built we will do some quick repairs to the walls and then paint the room a lovely shade of light gray.  Right now it is baby blue.  Nick will be taking the navy blue curtains that are up on their windows and one set of shelves up their walls and what is all shades of blue will become black, white, gray and red.  Total boy territory.

I'm having a hard time holding on to the vision right now because there is way too much crap around me.  In the middle of all of this I went outside to help Frank with the cutting of the wood for the bed and ended up with a four-inch welt/bruise on my leg due to him no paying attention to how I was holding something and then whipping it out of my hands - the clamp then cut across my leg.  Thank you, Captain Attentive.

So for now while Michael is scooping up odd pieces of toys to throw out and Frank is out in the shed cutting more wood, I am sitting safely in a corner, out of harms way.

It will all look wonderful when it's done, right???


Irene said...

wow, that just sound so busy! I am really inspired by your 'get it done' attitude, and might I add, a tad jealous that your hubby is so willing to pitch in with these projects. Mine, on the other hand, is a 'put-it-off-till-tomorrow' sort of guy. Sigh.

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

I so understand. But, press on, it will look great when you are done!

Ruth said...

There must be a "boys cleaning their rooms" bug going around or something, my son went through all his stuff the other day too. Threw a ton of junk out, organized his trading card collection and the floor is finally clear after being strewn with books and clothes for (I'm not kidding) WEEKS! He was at it for over an hour, normally he complains if I ask him to do anything for five minutes. I was like, who the heck is this kid and where did he come from??