Sunday, April 25, 2010

Of all the Stupidity!!!

Okay so my Sunday night routine consists of me watching the Amazing Race while working out and then moving on to Undercover Boss (and possibly STILL working out). So tonight I got in to my sweats, got out my little yoga mat and weights, turned on the TV, caught the recap of the last episode and then...

"We interrupt this program for breaking severe weather..."

Now when this normally happens, they tell you what's going on, give you some details and tell you that they'll come back in from time to time. NOT TONIGHT! Ninety minutes of LIVE weather coverage for what? There was a tornado/funnel cloud spotted 50 miles away from here...that went away. Seriously. The funnel cloud was spotted, it didn't touch the ground, there was no damage.

So for ninety minutes, they kept LOOKING for the storm and narrowing down where it MIGHT reappear! One person came on and said she had some damage in her yard but really, if she's on the phone with the TV station, she's okay. Did I need to miss the Amazing Race for this?


So they finally get off the air and shut up and guess what? No Amazing Race. No, they decided to skip that so that the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie could air. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

So mad right now. So, so, so,so mad...

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Russ AKA Grampy said...

I would have been ripping. I don't watch amazing race anymore. The only reason is because we kept missing it. Something else going on at the time.The only reality show we watch now is Survivor.