Saturday, April 17, 2010

Are you going to wear white, too?

So I've mentioned some of my frustrations with putting together this whole homeschool graduation thing. I'm heading up the committee and I have been shocked by the behavior of some of the moms.

At our last meeting, in the opening prayer, I said "Lord, please help us to remember who this day is about and who we are doing this for." As the meeting went on, my goal was to really let the kids/the graduates have a voice and a say in THEIR graduation. We talked a bit and I placed the kids up in the front and let them voice their thoughts and concerns about how we were handling THEIR graduation.

Well, it was sort of going okay but we had one mom who was rather emphatic about the fact that NO, this was HER day! Seriously? Are you kidding me? She's like "I got him here!" "I taught him!" "I homeschooled him!" She yelled at Nick while he was trying to explain his displeasure with how things were going and then came up to me after the meeting to express - again - how this was really more HER day than her son's.

THIS is the woman who is going to wear a while gown on her son's wedding day and want to stand at the altar with him in an attempt to keep the focus on HER! THIS is the woman who will be in the delivery woman when her first grandchild is born and keep the doctor talking to HER about her own ailments rather than letting him focus on the woman in labor.

I'm sorry but we, as the parents, all HAD our graduation already. We should take pride in the fact that our children were taught by us and that we had the opportunity to be able to homeschool them. But then we should be willing to let them, our children, be in the spotlight for the day!

If I could, I would SO totally pull the plug on her mike the day of graduation so that she can NOT have her say and steal her son's thunder!


Lola said...

Perhaps you can slip the janitor a twenty to make that microphone malfunction happen? I think it'd be worth it. Lol!

Frugal Vicki said...

That is too bad she has to be like that. I feel bad for her son!

Brenda said...

That's too bad about that mom. It sounds like some of the dance moms I see at competitions that know every move of their child's dance, and are actually doing the moves in the audience while they're child is dancing.

Janiss said...

I feel really bad for that kid. You only have to deal with his mother until graduation is over; he has to deal with her for a lifetime.

Tara Beaulieu said...

Ugh, that is so awful. I second Brenda, all I could think of was the horrid show on TLC "Toddlers in Tiaras". The moms are egotistical maniacs who could care less what is good and right for the kids, they want the spotlight on them. This woman needs a good knock upside the head. Sorry to be blunt, but seriously!

Lin said...

Have you said it to her?? You know -- "It's not about you". Because I would and I wouldn't care if she got mad at me and never spoke to me again. And I think I would say it over and over each time that she insists it is.

What an idiot she is. Poor kid.

App said...

Ok, so the woman wants some attention and wants some of the spotlight. There might be a way to compromise so the kids can have the attention they deserve, and the moms get some too.

It might seem a little corny for older kids, but if you can channel your thoughts along the same lines you might come up with an age appropriate alternative suitable as a substitute...

When my daughter graduated from kindergarten, the teacher made a gesture aimed at the mothers to give them a little attention and credit for all the work they did as mothers that was responsible for helping their kids succeed.

Every child came down off the stage, went into the audience and found their mom, and gave her a white rose, a hug, kiss, and thank you.

The moms didn't know anything about this. They had no idea this was planned, and it was wonderful.

So think about it and maybe you can come up with a gesture that will give the hard working home schooling moms some credit and recognition, from their kids, without anyone stealing any of the spotlight for the hard work the kids did.