Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Sad Day for Our Generation...

When I have quiet time, it's really not quiet. I like to put on my headphones and turn on my MP3 player and listen to music. I don't like any of the music that is popular now, I'm still an 80's rock girl with a little bit of Motown thrown in. The Jackson 5 were always a favorite. Whenever the kids would make fun of me for it, I would just say "You just have to smile when listening to the Jackson 5!"

Today the Jackson 5 were silenced.

I am just so, so sad...I cannot even believe that it happened. I mean, I KNOW that people die. Celebrities are no exception. It's just that fact that, was so unexpected! Earlier in the day, Farrah Fawcett died. That was a horrible thing, too, but we've been watching her very public struggle with cancer. It was kind of devastating to watch someone who was so iconic in her beauty wither away so horribly. I think that she was very brave to let the public see such a private struggle. But when the news came out this morning, it was very upsetting but expected. I hate for her that the spotlight - even in death - was taken away by the news of Michael Jackson's death. While she was news all day, she is now a teeny-tiny by-line. Although in all fairness, both ABC News and NBC News are doing hour-long special reports on both of them tonight.

For my generation, both of these people were MAJOR celebrities - although for different things. I don't want to remember Michael Jackson as someone accused of child molestation. I want to remember him as the young child in the Jackson 5 who sang some of my all-time favorite songs. Farrah Fawcett will forever be emblazened in my mind as one of Charlie's Angels.

Rest in Peace to you both...

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Nani said...

I'm still in shock - I can't watch anything about MJ right now.....loved his music growing up - still have his records-I have always been very upset w/and blamed Michaels dad for the way he was raised and how he missed out on a normal life which I believe hurt him terribly - Farrah seemed so sweet and will be missed as well-