Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss? Shut It!

You know, I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I was not blessed with a high metabolism or anything like that. I am not wealthy and so I don't have a personal chef or a personal trainer. Jenny Craig and the like are not seeking me out to do any endorsements and PAY me to use their products.

Sad, right?

What I am getting SO.......tired of is seeing B-list celebrities on the cover of magazines in their bikini's like they've discovered the cure for obesity. Um, no. We all watched Kirstie Alley and her yo-yo journey with Jenny Craig. And I'm sorry, but when she did her bikini walk on Oprah, well, let's just say that she shouldn't have. There was nothing pretty about it. Just because you lose 50 pounds, does NOT guarantee you a bikini body.

Then you had Valerie Bertinelli. At the beginning of her very public Jenny Craig weight loss encounter, she actually did an interview where she said that she would never go on the cover of a magazine in a bikini. But lo and behold, looking freshly spray-tanned, there she was on the cover of People magazine. Give me a break!

This week's celebrity is Melissa Joan Hart of the TV show "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". It was a cute show, in it's day, but how relevant is it that she lost weight and why do we have to see her on the cover of a magazine? In a bikini?

You know what, I'm sure that if I were a former TV/movie star, I'd have some financial padding where I could afford the daggone personal trainer and all that goes with it to help me lose weight. What these women did is not amazing or even something that we should be glorifying them for! They achieved these things with the help of a TEAM of people! Anyone can lose weight with a team of people! Or with cash being thrown at them! I know I would!

You know that I am a fan of "The Biggest Loser" show, right? Well, every once in a while you will see updates on of "Where are they now?" with former contestants. And you know what the reality is? That a large percentage of these people put the weight back on once the show is over! It is only a very small amount that go on to have endorsement deals and stay slim. Why? Because for most people, they NEED A TEAM OF PEOPLE to help them! Sure, anyone can lose weight if your food intake is being monitored by professionals and you have a personal trainer guiding your exercise every day, eight hours a day, seven days a week. The average person, such as myself, is cooking for myself, working, maintaining a home, raising children and does not have a fully equiped gym in my home.

So celebrities, I cannot speak for everyone but as for me, I really don't CARE that you can wear a bikini. Airbrushing is a wonderful thing, I am sure. Personally, I chose NOT to buy the magazine with your bikini-clad image on the cover because I think you are full of it. I'm not impressed. I'd rather see the articles of REAL people who are overcoming their weight struggles thanks to their OWN hard work and perseverance. I like it when People magazine runs those stories.

Fear not, friends, you will not be seeing me in any weight loss ads any time soon nor will you be subjected to me in a bikini either on a magazine cover or anyplace else for that matter any time soon - no matter how much weight I lose! You can all rest easy now!


Lidian said...

Yeah, I always think that too - about how much help those celebs had and have. I totally agree with you! Nice to know I'm not the only one mentally barfing at this (is that not a lovely image?)

A.Marie said...

Hi ya!! Great post! I also am sick and tired of celebs that lose weight, gain weight, lose it again and then appear! TADA!! on covers of magazines and TV in bikinis. GAG!

No one will see me in a bikini anytime soon, that is for sure! :):)

Stacie's Madness said...

weight loss is a struggle for most people...regardless of financial means. Celebrities that are constantly redefining thin, can SUCK IT. :)

J. Leigh Designz said...

Did you know Britney Spears actually hired someone to walk around with her and slap her hand when she went for bad things. How crazy is that?

StaceyC4 said...

I have someone that smack's my hand too - but usually I smack back!