Monday, June 22, 2009

DMV Rant!

Okay, so Nick went for his road test last week and failed, remember? So when the drill sargent who drove with him sat us down after the test, he gave me a sheet of paper telling us WHY Nick failed and the date that he could come and take the test again.


June 22nd.

Anytime between 8 am and 11:30 am.

So, up we were at the crack of dawn, got ourselves ready and did the 23 mile trek to the DMV. The sun was shining. Birds were singing. We arrive, we sign in, we waited maybe ten minutes and were called. Different guy today so we were optimistic. We gave him our insurance form and both of our ID's and...

"You're a day early," he said.


Excuse me? We so are NOT! I told him exactly what we were told and he just stared me down and said "Nope, you're a day early." He could not be swayed and unfortunately, I had not brought the piece of paper with me that had the date written on it. We leave, we come home, we are both majorly PISSED OFF and I find the paper with the date and CALL the DMV.

"Well I guess the officer just wrote the wrong date."

Gee, why is it okay for THEM to make a mistake that cost me time and money??? Why do they get a free pass for screwing up? There is something seriously wrong with our world today. I am just livid right now. Nick is devastated. I mean, it just...


If I had a punching bag right now, it would be extremely helpful!!! So tomorrow, once again, we will be up at the crack of dawn. We will do the twenty three mile trek and you can be DAMN SURE that I will bring that piece of paper with me and let each and every officer sitting in that DMV KNOW that their mistake is NOT acceptable!


Lola said...

My partner constantly reminds me of this phrase that my parents always used to say "You get more with honey than with vinegar". As much as it's wrong, that they made an error, if you want your son to have even a chance at passing you'll want to not mention what happened to day and be little miss mary sunshine while in the DMV. You don't want a couple strikes against your son because the tester didn't like your attitude.

It's completely wrong, but I'm just sayin' if everyone is polite and charming you start out ahead.

(I'm the same way you are, but my partner has shown me the way. Being charming scores points.)

StaceyC4 said...

I know you are right, Lola. I'm just praying that I can zip it!! The Italian in me wants to totally smack someone!

A.Marie said...

As much as I agree with Lola, I still would want to rant and rave...but, I know what she is saying, so Remember Our Saying, Stacey, "Smile and wave, just Smile and wave!....or in this case, "Smile, Smile, and more Smile....!" HAHAHAHA

Even though I am late posting this, and you already went back to the DMV, I just read where you will have to go back again, so our saying still applies! :)