Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am a Horrible Mother...

Third times a charm, right? Apparently not in my world!! We went back to the DMV this morning. Both Nick and I were a little on edge but the boy really and truly seemed confident. We reviewed everything that he needed and when we went inside, I had peace.

Why? No one knows.

Ten minutes later he is back and the DMV officer calls me outside. I mean, OUTSIDE!! He didn't even want to cushion the blow in the A/C. So I go outside and he gives me the reasons why the boy FAILED the test again and I was just so darn angry!!!

Angry with the DMV?


Angry with the boy?


I mean, most people get BETTER with their driving, not worse! He went in to a ditch on the three point turn, he looked over BOTH shoulders when changing lanes which meant his eyes were off the road for too long...I mean COME ON!!! Clearly he is just not ready for this and it is pissing me off. When we are out driving around town, he is near perfect. Get him on a road test and freakin Mr. Magoo does better than him!

So we get in the car and I'm like "What happened?" and the boy had the nerve to blame the...wait for it...the CAR! It was the CAR'S fault! Seriously, hair is just falling out of my head even as I type. I'm like "Are you kidding me?" It is a small, four-cylinder car. You have to PRESS on the gas pedal. He claims that the car wouldn't move and when he pressed harder on the gas pedal, THAT is what caused him to go in to the ditch. Funny, in all of the years that Grandma drove the car, we never had to get her out of a ditch. On the 600 mile drive home when Frank drove the car, not once did he go in the ditch. But the car, acting of it's own free will, KNOWING that the boy was on his road test, decided to go in to a ditch.

It may only be 9:40 in the morning, but I am ready for a fistful of Advil PM and heading back to bed.

Seven more days until the next DMV encounter.


Tina T said...

You have made me dread those teen driving years, which thankfully are still 4 years away for my oldest. This is one of those things that you will look back on and laugh at one day, although you'll probably need something way stronger than Advil to find any humor in it now.

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Oh you poor thing. I just can't wait to be in your shoes in 2 more years. Uggh!

A.Marie said...

Oh this what I am in for?? My teen is 15, and will take his driving test in February, and I am dreading it already!! Maybe Nick just got a "case of the nerves..." When in doubt, blame nerves and hormones! :}

Lola said...

Looks like more practice so your son can stare down Betsy (or whatever name you call your car) so she doesn't swerve in the ditch.

MamaFlo said...

Thank goodness mine are in their 30's and those horrible days are long gone.
With such horrible luck in getting his license, you should make sure you have good car insurance cause your beloved vehicle is in for a humdinger of a driver - LOL!!
Seriously, you have to laugh at the situation - if he's a bad driver at least the DMV person has the professional gall not to give him a license.