Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turn Your Head and .... drive!

At 7:45 this morning, we left on an adventure. The teen's road test!

Dah, dah, dah!!

It was monsooning out, we were tired, and the DMV was 23 miles away. Off we go! His driving there was near perfect. There were a couple of times where I had to remind him to not ride the white line, but other than that he did great. He had only driven in the rain once before and that was a two-minute drive so I was even more impressed with him.

We arrived at the DMV at 8:20, walked in, signed our names and never even had to sit down because the took him immediately. We handed the drill sargeant...I mean, DMV worker our licenses and proof of insurance form and before I knew it, my boy was being whisked out the door - clutching his chest! He's like "I'm not ready for this!" but I knew that he was.

He was outside for less than 30 seconds and came running back to me yelling "Where are the inspection papers? What did you do with them? I didn't touch them?" Deep breaths, son. They were in the glove compartment and off he went. I was so nervous for him, especially since the instructor was hugely intimidating. Five minutes later, they were back.

He failed.

My heart actually hurt for him. I failed my first road test and so I knew exactly how he felt. Deflated. Why did he fail? Because he did not turn his head when he was changing lanes. Yes, this is something that I tell him repeatedly when he is driving. He is so afraid to take his eyes off of the road in front of him that he pays no attention to what in the world is going on around him. The menacing militant actually said that the rest of his driving was perfect, he just did not turn his head that ONE TIME!

Needless to say, Nick was not amused. He is stomping around here like a child who had his candy taken away and to be honest, we are no longer amused. I get it, he's upset, he's disappointed, he's bummed...MESSAGE RECEIVED!! He cannot take the test again for another five days. I'm okay with that. Him? Not so much. He's being a little demanding right now and is currently pouting in his room.

Fun times to be at home...


Stacie's Madness said...

OH NO :(

Ann said...

lol, sounds like my sons first attempt at his drivers test. brings back memories. or were those nightmares?

Lynne said...

My guess is that he will now turn his head! How long does he have to wait before he can try again? At least he knows exactly what he did wrong and it's and can correct it. Next time he'll probably pass with flying colors. :-D