Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Nice Way to Kick Off The Week...

So today was the "official" first day of my unemployment. Not much of a difference - I was still up at 6:15, got Michael up and ready for school, in the shower at 8:00 and out the door at 9:00. Although, to be honest, I'm normally out the door on a work day at 8:35. So woo-hoo! Twenty five extra minutes, baby!

Nick had to turn in his Algebra 2 final so we had to go and do that, I had to meet someone who was buying some of my old curriculum, we hit the bank, the bagel shop, the post office AND the supermarket, and we were home by 11:15. But the fun part was that I was going to lunch at a friend's house.

I met this woman through the bookstore and she insisted on having me over on my first real day off. I have to admit, it was nice to sit and have conversations without the distraction of customers and the phone ringing! We ate, we talked and we made plans to get together over the next month for me to swim with her. Since we are both desperately trying to lose weight, I'm all about buddying up. My friend Cathleen has also offered me the use of her pool so I will be swimming away the pounds as well as doing the treadmill. One can only hope that with all of this activity that I can actually drop a pound or two over the next month. The goal is ten, but we'll see what happens.

So I was home here by 3:15, did a thirty minute walk on the treadmill (I'm doing MUCH better than I was a week ago, praise the LORD!), and now I am waiting for Frank to come home so that we can grill up some steaks. Yummy!

Life is good, friends.


A.Marie said...

See what I'll get so busy that you'll forget why you were bummed out in the first place! Good Job on having a great First Day Off!! Sounds fun...I hope the steaks were yummy! :)

Jena Isle said...

That's a pretty "busy" way of spending your first day off. Simple joys come from these simple events. I wish I could have a grand day off too.

Shelly said...

Swimming is the easiest exercise for me. It's so relaxing and peaceful in the water. Don't think I could do "walking to nowhere" on a treadmill though. Sounds like you have some great friends offering to help you out.