Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'll Take a Big Mac, a Coke, and a Side Order of Tears...

Okay, so today Nick and I drove around doing a lot of errands. He did all of the driving. We hit the bank, the post office, the eye doctor and then finally, the drive-thru at McDonalds.

It was like driving graduation day.

Next week he is going to be eligible to take his road test. I knew this day was coming - I'm actually looking forward to it. It was just, was one of those moments where the reality of our switching our positions really hit me. We were waiting on the drive thru line to pick up the food and when the girl at the window handed it to him, and then he handed it to me he said "There! Now you have to hold the food!" It was such a stupid statement and yet it just made me sad.

Stupid, right?

He drove so well and I can honestly say that I was only scared THREE TIMES. Trust me, that is a big improvement! Later on in the day we drove to Target and to Game Stop and home. We were on highways, merging, parking...I mean, it was a full blown driving experience!

My boy did good...


Stacie said...

They grow up way to fast!! 2 years and my oldest will be driving.

Annie said...

I've only got one more to teach to drive...I hope I survive!