Monday, June 8, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Nick Edition!

My boy is adorable. Always has been, always will be. He was a beautiful baby with the biggest brown eyes...He just makes me smile.

About two years ago he started going through this "phase" where basically I hated every single article of clothing he wore. I know, I know, this is a normal thing for a teen. The thing is, they just made him look...icky. They were all dark - in color and meaning - and to be honest, it just didn't seem like him. Although I don't know many mom's that would be like "Hey, you know what would make that outfit even better? More chains!"

So today, much to my surprise, we went to get his haircut. Yes, that was the Hallelujah chorus you all heard around 1:00 today. Then he went over to a friends house where he...wait for it...worked out. I KNOW! His friend is a total athlete and was teaching him the finer ways of weight lifting. Seriously, I am BEAMING with pride right now. Then, as if that weren't wonderful enough, when he came home tonight...he was wearing normal clothes. Honest to goodness normal clothes. Some might even call them preppy.


Sometimes, life just doesn't seem to be any sweeter.


Nani said...

Noah turns 8 next month and I still am blessed to be able to pick which clothes he is going to wear w/out complaint. I know this will come to an end soon - Jessie of course wants to pick-out what she is going to wear -so I pick out 2 outfits I like and then let her pick - she's happy - I am happy.

Mrs. Fish: aka Two Fish said...

Found your blog....too cute!! Not sure if I should be dreading when my oldest becomes a teen or embracing his new found individuality when he gets there. Love the post, too cute!

A.Marie said...

News flash to Mrs. Fish; dread it, baby, dread it! HAHA!

Seriously though, these are tough, tough years, but I am heartened by Stacey's post; hopefully, there IS light at the end of the teen tunnel! :)

Annie said...

Ahhh teenagers! All we can do is just laugh. Otherwise it could be 5 to 10 in the pokey!

Lola said...

I thought I heard something around 1pm.

My son is 14, when he was like 5 he got a spiderman wallet with a chain on it. Now, suddenly, he's carrying his wallet ALL THE TIME. Chains are cool. I think it's time to upgrade him to either a trucker wallet or skull and cross bones, or something. His buddies think it's cool, until he whips it out to pay for his movie ticket.

Do you think the change of heart on his appearance could have to do with...dun dun dun...a girl?

StaceyC4 said...

If all of this is do to the girl? I will love her all the more!!!