Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Madness!

You know, I had such high hopes for the day. I really should stop doing that. Whenever I have high hopes, things go down hill fast.

It started out as a typical Monday - got Michael ready for school, sent him on his way. When Frank got back from driving the boy, we discovered that he had no work for the day. Sigh. I so HATE when that happens. So, okay, he's home. Wandering around. In my face everywhere that I am. I do love him; really I do. It's just that I have a...routine of sorts for my mornings and when someone is continually blocking your path or yammering at you, well, it gets a wee-bit annoying. I found him some "chores" to do while I did my 4-mile walk. Yea, me! A task that should have kept him occupied during my entire one-hour workout apparently needed to be broken up in to ten-minute intervals where he would have to walk right through the middle of the living room where I was walking away the pounds. I think at one point I hit him with a weight and while I did apologize, the snarky party of me was like "Well, that's what you get for walking through my workout!"

Really, I honestly DO love him!

I got through the workout and then had to deal with a series of e-mails from an acquaintance that just...well, I don't want to get in to it too deeply but...this person wanted to come over and talk to me at great length and I had to tell her no but she just would not give me the information that I apparently NEEDED and so we kept going back and forth on e-mail. Trust me, when I get a handle on what THAT is all about, I'll let you know. Let's just say that it just about had me losing my mind and pulling my hair out of my head for about an hour.

I finally get out of the house and head over to my friend Donna's house for our 2 hour water aerobics session and 45 minutes in to that I get a call from Michael's school saying that he has a very bad bloody nose and they will NOT put him on the bus (it was 15 minutes until dismissal) and I had to come and get him.


Now, I am about 25 minutes away from the school, in my bathing suit and now have to run to get him. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to have to go and pick your child up from school while wearing a Mickey Mouse bathing suit with a mesh cover-up over it??? Well, let me tell you, it's PRETTY DARN EMBARRASSING!! I walked in and was trying to hide behind potted plants and whatnot just to not be seen! Oh, and my boy? Completely FINE by the time I got there!

We get home, we relax and now Nick wants to go driving. For those of you keeping count, tomorrow will make road test number THREE! I told a friend earlier that if I were still a Catholic, I'd be lighting candles right now! So we go to the bank and to the supermarket to food shop, run home to unload the groceries and then headed back out to the SuperTarget to pick up my thyroid medicine. 99% of his driving was fine. The last minute and a half of the drive had me screaming at him - all the while he's looking at me like I've completely lost my mind!

I don't have high hopes for the morning, people. Honestly, I don't.

Once home again, we start up dinner and light the grill but two minutes in, it runs out of gas. Sigh. So Frank went and filled up the tank came back, hooked it all up again and within minutes we were back in business. That is until one of the lines on the far left side of the grill CRACKED and we had flames reaching up to the roof. I was grilling some sausages and I do like them a little crispy. Not ten-foot-high-flame, crispy! We got the fire put out and sometime around 7:30 we actually GOT to eat dinner.

Thank the LORD that the day is coming to an end. Think of us in the morning, everyone! Pray for an understanding DMV instructor who will take pity on us so that they can cancel the plaque that surely they are preparing to mark my own private parking spot and chair!


A.Marie said...

Oh Stace, I'm trying to be a good bloggy friend and be sympathetic and all of that, but I am shaking with laughter and trying not to snort all over my computer. Honestly, you are hysterically funny....almost as funny as SonyaAnn!

I'm really sorry that your day was so crappy (see, I can't hardly type because I am laughing), and that your day has almost ended. Really, it will get better. But, just to be on the safe side, get into bed as fast as you can before something else happens!

Tomorrow will be'll see...I'm really trying hard to be sympathetic, I really am! :):) If only you weren't so darned funny! :)

Dena said...

you poor thing, what a day!