Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Cornerstone Chronicles: Day Four

My boy sounds very, very tired.  He is still having fun but he is exhausted.  Talk about rock til you drop!  He called this afternoon while I was out and I had left explicit instructions with Frank (who was home with no work today) that our son's cell phone had died and so when he called, the caller ID would say his friend Matt's name and to make sure that he answered it.  I even told him around the time to expect the call.

You see where this is going, right?

I was out all morning with friends and got home around 2:30 and there are SEVERAL messages on the machine so I'm like "Who called?" and Frank's like "I don't know".  


So I go through the numbers on the phone - because listening to the messages would be the NORMAL thing to do - and sure enough, Nick had called.  I'm like "YOU MISSED NICK'S CALL??"  (ready to strangle the man!) and he's like "I guess".  Now I'm seriously contemplating the homicide and decide to pull it together and just call Nick back on the friend's phone.  No answer.  We leave him a message to call us back on our cell phones because we were going to be out running errands and whatnot.  

Clearly he did not get the message because he called us again, a few minutes later mind you, on the home phone.  My heart broke when I heard his tired little voice.  I just want to run over there with a real meal and a cushion for his sleeping bag and just a whole heaping load of "there-there".  But I can't.  After talking for a few minutes and getting all of the updates, I finally did listen to the messages and he sounded pitiful on there, too.

But you know what?  As tired and pitiful as he sounds, he is still having fun and he will be talking about this for YEARS to come.  But still, I am counting down till Tuesday.  You know what got me through tonight?  Michael got invited to a spur-of-the-moment sleepover and so Frank and I got a night out and were able to come home to a house that we had to ourselves.

Excuse me while I go swing from the chandelier!!

Oh, and Jenn?  A windmill kick is when you swing your leg in a high kick in front of you and purposefully kick someone in the face!  Crazy, right?

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jenn said...

Wow. Where were windmill kicks when I was that age? lol! I am sure I could have put that knowledge to good use.