Monday, July 5, 2010

It's like a moving epidemic!

You know, when you have a child that is graduating you get a lot of "So when is he moving out?" from people you know and at some point you will hear "I can't WAIT to move out" from your child.  We've heard that from Nick but we're pretty secure in the knowledge that he's not going anywhere anytime soon because well, he can't.  Financially he is pretty much stuck living with us, like it or not.

After having him be away for ten days I am almost giddy at the thought of seeing him tonight.  I missed him terribly but I knew that - God willing - he would be back.  When I was lamenting on much I couldn't wait to see him, my girl Danette joked that she was going to record me saying that because a week from now I'm going to want to kill him over something stupid that he does!  Sad but true.

Tonight I was on Facebook and a friend commented on my big "NICK IS COMING HOME" status that her son left for Iowa today to live.  He moved out, felt like he could not really do anything here job-wise and left.   He is the same age as Nick.  As a matter of fact, they have been friends since they were four years old!  His mom was sick with worry about his traveling which I COMPLETELY understood and really, it's a weird time of life because I know, for me anyway, that there are times that you WISH they'd move out; they make you crazy, they're messy and inconsiderate, they smell and argue about everything but then there are times like what I am feeling right now where I am practically standing with my face pressed up against the window because Frank just called to say that he is almost home with our son.

One of the families that we graduated with a month ago and who we have been friends with for a couple of years had their graduate essentially leave home the day after graduation with no real warning.  I believe she left a note.  She didn't like their rules and having to live with them and so she moved in with a neighbor or some such thing!  The parents are devastated and beside themselves and yet, at the same time, feeling a little bit of relief that there will be a little less stress and strife in their lives.

I know that moving out is something that we all do and it is part of life but I long for the days or maybe the reports from someone that it wasn't done in haste or in anger...that it was just as it was supposed to be...because it's time.


Laura Parker said...

You are too funny! Enjoy today...

carol at A Second Cup said...

Want to swap?

Alison said...

I do not look forward to moving day. Has to happen, I know, but it will be a sad day. Gonna try to enjoy each day I have with them here. Enjoy having Nick back!!

Alison said...

Enjoy your time with Nick! I don't look forward to that final moving out day. Trying to enjoy each one until then. Thankfully, I still have a few years.