Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cornerstone Chronicles: Day Three

Okay, so things really seem to be happening now.  The boy has settled in, so to speak, and has interviews lined up for This Moment in Hardcore and is moshing his little heart out.

He feels like an 85 year old man.

No lie, he was telling me of all the aches and pains he feels right now from the moshing and sleeping in a tent and I'm like "Wait, aren't you like 18?  This should be a breeze for you!"  Apparently not.  No breeze, just pain.

I have to give the boy credit because A.) he is doing it.  He had a goal and he followed it through.  B.) He's never camped before and here he is sleeping in a tent for a week.  Sorry but I'd be at the local Holiday Inn by now.  and C.)  Other than the whining that I KNOW is going to come home with him, he is taking it all in stride and having fun.  Good for him!

I miss him like crazy.  I spent the day today scrapbooking.  The first set of pictures was from his girlfriend's sister's wedding back in October.  He looked so handsome as a groomsman!  And then tonight I started on the mass of pictures from graduation.  I think I have 200 of them to go through, organize and get in to a book.  It's not happening all's a process.  But through it all, I am looking at picture after picture of his amazing smile and his big brown eyes and all I can think is that I can't wait for him to be home on Tuesday.  I am going to hug him and never want to let go.

He is probably moshing away right now, windmill-kicking someone in the face...all in the name of Jesus!

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jenn said...

I am glad he's having fun. I am also wondering what a windmill kick is?