Friday, July 2, 2010

The Cornerstone Chronicles: Day Five

While basking in the afterglow of a child-free night, I woke up this morning after Frank had long-since left for work and got a phone call from Nick.  Again, a very tired Nick.

I didn't think it was possible for him to sound any more tired than he did yesterday, but he did.  He even mentioned how they thought about leaving today and coming home early. of their favorite bands will be playing tomorrow and so they are going to stick it out and see it all through to the end.  The crazy thing is that most of these bands are going to be here in Raleigh next week for "Scream the Prayer" - which is an all-day Christian concert that Nick went to a year ago.  How ironic is that?  He was like "Why did we do this when we could have just seen all these bands at home?"  I kind of felt bad for him.

Believe it or not, I encouraged him to stay and told him he'd be sorry if he left before it was done.  How do I know this?  Because for MY senior trip (way back when) my mom and I flew to California (we lived in New York at the time) and had a 10-day trip planned.  We started in San Francisco and then drove the coast to L.A. stopping along the way in some of the most beautiful places.  And you know what?  We LEFT EARLY because we were both in fairly new relationships with our boyfriends and didn't want to be away from them any longer!  HOW STUPID WERE WE???  I mean, my mother went on to marry her loser and spent 20 years in hell with him whereas the dumbass that I was dating turned out to be my biggest mistake.  You know the type, the kind of guy that makes every other guy on the planet look good because he's so awful?  Yeah, THAT guy.  So had I stayed in California those two extra days, he could have cheated sooner and we could have broken up sooner.

Hindsight and all that...

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