Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Cornerstone Chronicles: Day Seven - Final Chapter

So the big Cornerstone Festival is now part of our history.  Nick and Matt left the grounds early this morning around 7 a.m and were on their way to St. Louis for a bit of sight-seeing and then it is on to Nashville for the night.

He called me this morning around 10 and I am ashamed to admit that I had slept through church due to my husband's ROCK STAR performance yesterday at the block party!  But I managed to stumble from the bed to answer the phone and talk to my boy who is SO excited to actually sleep in a bed last night and asked if I would be willing to pick him up from Matt's house tomorrow night when they get in rather than sleeping at Matt's as originally planned.  At this point, I'd almost be willing to meet him in Tennessee just to see him and hug him!

I was not aware that he had taken a camera with him (I knew he had a video camera with him but had no idea about the regular camera) and so I am excited to see some pictures when he gets back.  I'm hoping they take some in St. Louis as well as Nashville since I've never been to either one of them.

I was blessed this week with the gift of time - time to get some things done that otherwise I might not have.  It had nothing to do with Cornerstone but I'm just feeling a sense of accomplishment right now with the fact that I got TWO scrapbooks done this week and they both look good.  I spent time with friends and am in the process of making plans for the upcoming weeks with other friends.  Life is good.  Michael goes back to school on FRIDAY (what is up with THAT??) and so life will start returning to normal.

Whatever that is...

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Lea said...

spending time with peeps .. a definite plus!!!

Very much enjoyed