Saturday, July 24, 2010

There are just certain things that a parent doesn't need to see...

Tonight after dinner we got to watch the video of the graduation ceremony.  We paid $25 for it and I had no idea what to expect but they came in today and it was beautiful.  The videographer did a wonderful job and it was nice because we could just see Nick's parts and not have to go through all 19 graduates.

Note to self...I do NOT look good on video from the angle that this guy shot from.  I'm a little disappointed at that one.

Okay, so AFTER dinner Nick decides to show me some of the video that he and his friend Matt took while at Cornerstone.  He's mentioned that there was video but I didn't really give it much though.  So he put it up on the computer and it's a LOT of him dancing and moshing in the "pit" and I have to be honest...I wish I'd never seen it.  I mean, I grew up in the 80's where "dancing" meant you danced.  What they were doing was like nothing I ever saw, wanted to see or wish to see again!  It's just jumping around, flailing limbs and it's like having a standing seizure at times!  NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT!

I mean, that would be like me pulling up a video of myself lifting my shirt and showing off my boobs at a Motley Crue concert!  No one needs to see that, either!


Leigh said...

Actually there's probably a lot of people who would pay to see that video of you! ;)

StaceyC4 said...

Oh, Gosh...I think NOT!!