Friday, June 11, 2010

Look Who's Back!

Okay, so I think things are finally returning to normal.  I have SURVIVED graduation and life is now back to being it's usual boring self.  Woo-hoo!  Hooray for boring!

For a quick over-view of the graduation it is:
First, my dad came.  Yes, I know, I know, it was unexpected and he never actually called me to tell me that he was coming but he made all of his arrangements and let my sister know that he was coming so we were prepared.  Nick picked him up from the airport and on Friday night I hosted a dinner for my in-laws AND my parents for the first time in the almost 22 years that Frank and I have been together.  It was a little awkward but I survived.

Graduation day was beautiful.  I mean, the ceremony was beautiful, everyone behaved for the most part.  The royal pain-in-my-butt mom took TWICE the amount of time to speak as we were allowed and basically praised herself during it but other than that, the ceremony was perfect.  Frank even cried!

We had a wonderful party for both Nick and Beckah and we had more food than we knew what to do with.  Again, everyone behaved, we had a lot of laughs and other than the fact that the grads cut their cake like it was a wedding cake, it was all good.  THAT was an awkward moment.  

We all hung out back at the local hotel that everyone was staying at and really, I was so pleased with the way that it all went, I was just giddy.  Sunday we had everyone here for lunch and ate most of the leftovers and all went horribly wrong.

First, my sister's flight home was canceled because of tornado watches up in New York.  They closed JFK airport and so she and my nephew had to stay an extra day.  That was fine but she was freaking out about the threat of weather - she has a catering business and had a couple of outdoor parties going on so she was worried about her staff, her stuff, her clients...I finally took her for a drive to calm her down.  I was thrilled that we had an extra day.  

We went to dinner at the Outback that night and let me start by saying that I LOVE eating at the Outback.  It is my favorite restaurant. WAS.  Everything that could go wrong at a meal, did.  They forgot plates, the chicken wings were undercooked and had to be sent back, our food came out at such different times that half of the table was done eating before the other half even began!  Meals came out missing half of their stuff and then, THEN, to comp us they brought out two complimentary desserts and didn't tell us that one of them had nuts in it and so my sister, who is highly allergic to nuts, took a bite and went in to reaction mode with swelling tongue, lips and throat closing!  I'm like ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  REALLY???

The manager was mortified, I was mortified, Frank was pissed, I mean, it was so NOT the way to end our weekend.  The ride home from the restaurant was really awkward - the manager did comp SOME of the meal and gave my father in law a GC for $45 and my sister one for $45 but really?  Do you think that was the time that they would EVER consider eating there again?  I sent them a scathing letter of complaint and Frank and I vow to NEVER eat at that particular Outback again.

Monday had my mom, sis and nephew leaving for the airport after breakfast and then we drove my in-laws to visit some relatives that live about 90 minutes from here.  By the time I got home Monday night, I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry.  I've basically been living like a hermit all week long trying to mentally recover.  Any time I have an extended visit with my family, I'm usually traumatized and mentally exhausted for at least a week.  So my week is up and I'm snapping out of it.  

I promise to post grad pictures tomorrow!

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