Friday, June 18, 2010

A little frustration...

Okay, so I'm sure you're tired of hearing this but...I'm sick again.  I think I have a serious problem and I know what the doctor is going to suggest and maybe subconsciously I'm thinking that if I don't go to the doctor, then it will all go away.  But it's not.

My throat is sore, I have little to no voice, I have extreme pain in my sinuses.  Bottom line is that I feel like crap.  So tonight I'm talking to my friend Danette and she's like "are they (meaning my family) babying you and taking care of you?" And you know what?  They're not!  Not even a little bit!  

When Frank got home from work yesterday, I was essentially mute and I was in so much pain I was crying and he was asking what I was making for dinner!  I practically coughed up a lung while watching TV later on and went to bed at 10 after taking a gallon of Nyquil and do you think he offered to take Michael to camp this morning?  No.  

Then, because that all isn't enough, tonight was the finale to the week of Runner's Camp that Michael was at this week and they held a big track meet at the local high school.  So I cooked dinner for five of us and packed it up, bought snacks and drinks, baked cookies, took it all to the school only to have Michael get sick behind the bleachers because of the heat and we all had to leave!  I'll admit to being a bad mom because I was like "I COULD HAVE STAYED HOME!!" instead of feeling sympathetic for my child.  I was having my own pity-party instead of being concerned that my child was possibly suffering heat stroke!  How freakin' hideous am I???

I took the last Vicodin that I had in the house and you know what?  It's not helping the pain!  If anything, my sinuses are throbbing even more!  What the hell???  Oh, but Michael is much better.  We got him in the A/C, gave him lots of water and when we got home, he took a cool shower.  He's watching cartoons and eating toast right now looking cute as can be.  

What a day!!!

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