Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facebook Personality Test

Out of boredom the other night, I was clicking around on Facebook and found this personality test.  You know, sometimes these things are way off but his time it was pretty much dead on!

The Provider:
In general, ESFJs are helpful people who place a high value on harmony. Paying close attention to people's needs and wants, they work well with others to complete tasks in a timely and accurate way. ESFJs follow through on their commitments. They like closure and prefer structured, organized situations in which warmth and compassion are shown. They contribute to others by anticipating their day-to-day concerns and handling them with warmth and efficiency. ESFJs are at their best in organizing people to get a job done.

The Extrovert:
You scored 63% in the direction of Extraversion, which means you are clearly an Extrovert. People who are clearly Extroverts are naturally active and social people. They spend lots of time outwardly expressing themselves through conversation, collaboration, or recreation. They draw energy from this sort of interaction and quickly grow restless if they have to spend too much time alone or not engaged in some sort of activity.

The Sensor:
You scored 67% in the direction of Sensing, which means you are clearly a Sensor. People who are clearly Sensors are down to earth and sensible. They trust facts and experience over ideas and imagination, and have a knack for noticing and remembering details. They focus on the present and living life as it is, holding tradition in high regard. 

The Feeler:
You scored 58% in the direction of Feeling, which means you are clearly a Feeler. People who are clearly Feelers are very supportive and appreciative of others, making those around them feel comfortable and welcome at all times. They prefer to avoid conflict and instead focus on the positive. They are very people-oriented and can quickly read a person's emotional state before a word is exchanged.

The Judger:
You scored 94% in the direction of Judging, which means you are clearly a Judger. People who are clearly Judgers love to make decisions. Organized and thorough in their work, they make and stick to plans. One of life's small pleasures for them is checking off items on their to-do lists. Every thing in their lives has its place, and they are diligent about putting it there.

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