Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great, now I have guilt...

Okay, ladies, I know I am not alone in this scenario.  Your husband takes the initiative and makes plans for you (and the family perhaps).  He's very excited about it, he's pleased with himself that he has stepped up and gotten it done and meanwhile all you can do is sit back, maybe smile, and think "Crap, how am I going to get out of this one?"

Here's my deal:  Frank has been playing with a band once a week.  They jam, they've written some original stuff and the plan was always to go out and play somewhere in front of an audience.  Well, that time has the form of a block party on July 3rd.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  Why not sit me on the freakin equator!!  So he's all psyched that they are finally going to play and all I'm thinking is "How long am I going to be expected to hang out at said block party - with people that I don't really know?"  "Can I take my own car?"  And "Sure, I get sick two weeks BEFORE the darn thing - he'll never believe that I get strep AGAIN!"

So, I've resigned myself to this day of misery where I will sit outside and bake in the hellish July sun, cursing my very existence and his talent for playing the drums.  But then...a little ray of hope.  One of the guitar players has just announced that he has decided to join the military.  Seriously, these guys range in age all over the place.  So if this guy leaves, they can't play!  I have had to SIT on my own hands to keep from clapping and appearing too giddy.

The band is having a "secret meeting" Monday night to discuss this dilemma without said guitar player.  Is it wrong that I plan on sitting home and praying that this particular gig does not happen and that it happens later at an indoor venue with air conditioning???

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