Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here's a thought...

Sitting home this last week has had me watching more TV and reading more magazines than I ever wanted too - and that's on top of my time just surfing the internet.  So with all of this information swirling in my brain, here's a couple of thoughts:

1.)  Would somebody PLEASE get me Miley Cyrus' parents on the phone and let me explain to them ALL of the reasons why their 17-year old daughter should wear underwear!  I mean, REALLY???  Does no one else have a problem with this?  There is no level of "celebrity" that makes it okay to be out and about, surrounded by paparazzi while wearing a dress and flashing your hoo-ha to the world!  BAD PARENTING, BILLY RAY!!!

2.)  Note to Jermaine Jackson:  It is rather disgusting how you are STILL trying to cash in on your brother's death by holding interviews in front of his tomb!  It's creepy and wrong and really, doesn't it bother you just a little bit that the only way you are getting attention is because of your brother's death?

3.)  Should it even make it on the news anymore when a couple from the "reality" (and I use that term lightly) show "The Bachelor" break up?

4.)  There is no movie EVER that has made me camp out in a tent for DAYS in a line to get tickets.  If Elvis came back from the dead along with Jimmy Stewart and they made a movie - I STILL would not camp out to see it!

5.)  Taylor Swift was picked on because she went out in a modest bikini...while  yes, it seemed a little outdated, all I can say is at least she had bottoms on!

6.)  And back to the Jackson's for a moment:  I find it so offensively disgusting how hard Joe Jackson is trying to make a buck off of Michael's name.  You know, a normal parent would grieve and be vocal about finding justice for his son's premature death not out autographing belts to sell with his son's name on them.  Disgusting.

7.)  American Idol is talking about lowering it's age limits for next season's auditions.  Why?  Do we not have enough young singers who start out sweet and innocent and then get exploited to the point that they are pole dancing at 16 (while their parents watch!) and walking around half naked at 17 (again, parents still watching), married several times by the time they are 22 after dating MEN while still underaged!  Why would such a popular show want to promote such behavior??

8.)  So while millions upon millions of gallons of oil are spewing all over the ocean, some BP exec is off watching a yacht race?  Really?  So wrong on so many levels, I'm not even sure where to begin??  It seems to me like this situation has been going on WAY too long...probably because these executive types are only spending a small portion of their time focusing on the problem.  It must be hard to actually have to think about WORK while the summer social season is just kicking up! 

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