Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blogging delays...Blogger issues...

So I'm spinning and spinning and running and running and in all of the hubub as graduation is almost upon us and I realized that I have not been posting like I normally do. Part of it is due to my being so dang busy but the other issue is with Blogger.

Okay, one of the many things that I LOVE about Blogger is that I was able to write and write and write and then schedule my posts. This worked great whenever I knew I was going to be out of town or away from my computer for any length of time. But now? For whatever reason, I can no longer schedule my posts. Oh, I can TRY - I put the date and time in and then BAM! it shows up immediately. It is seriously pissing me off. I've posted on the help boards and read all of the threads of other people complaining of the same thing and I get NO RESPONSE. Bad manners, Blogger, bad manners.

So before I continue with the never-ending-task of getting my house ready for this graduation, I figured I'd write for a minute or two and clear my mind. Now I can tackle the graduate who promised to mow the lawn bright and early this morning and is still lingering on Facebook.

It's gonna be a good day...


jenn said...

I schedule a lot of posts, too, and haven't had this problem.


Are you using the new "blogger in draft" or the old one?

Petula said...

I hate when that happens. I published through Windows Live Writer and I love it! That used to happen to me on Blogger, but I rarely go in there now unless it's for layout stuff. Good luck and congratulations on the graduation. We've already had it here... well, Amber's high school. Her alumn? Yea, she finished her first year of college.

An-t-way, have fun, enjoy the goings on and we'll see you when you get back/a chance.

Unknown said...

Hey Stace--

I am powered by blogger, and I use the scheduler all the time. I had never had a problem.

Oh, Graduation--If I could only go back! Good Luck, to you and yours.

Peace, Love, and Understanding--EC

Becki said...

I hope graduation goes well!!