Friday, October 23, 2009

Would someone please tell me how to comfort this child?

So as another way to make a little extra income, I am helping out with the local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at my church doing childcare twice a month. I am working in the room with the 12-18 month old children. This is a pretty fun age because everything is so new to them and they are still snuggly.

They also have extreme separation anxiety.

Seriously, I had forgotten about this phase and how traumatic it can be. The look on their little faces as mom hands them off and waves good-bye is just heartbreaking. Today was our second meeting. Most of the mom's learned from the last meeting's experience and brought some comfort items for their children - a stuffed animal, a blanket, a favorite snack, etc. But there was one mom who was not here the last time so this was the first time she was dropping her child off. As she's handing the child to me she tells me, "Oh, she just has shots so she's pretty cranky and she's cutting like five teeth and it's her nap time. I'll give her some Tylenol." Then hands me the child and leaves. Can I just tell you what a MESS this poor little person was for two and a half hours??

So when the mom came to pick her up, I told her how upset her child had been and how we tried rocking her, pushing her in the stroller, playing on the floor with her and the woman just nodded and left. Um...HELLO??? A hint or two on what we can do to lesson your child's trauma would have been nice! I mean SERIOUSLY??

I help clean up the room and I walk out to the lobby and stop to speak to another mom from my group of kids and this same rude woman just comes over and pulls the mom I'm speaking to away! I mean, physically grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away! Honestly, I'm ready to slap this woman! So basically, not only is she seemingly unconcerned about her child, she clearly is just a selfish individual all around.



jenn said...

Poor little thing. I hope next time she has an easier time.

Grampy said...

It sounds to me that the mother already had the child traumatized.It is always harder when that happens.I am thinking about volunteering in a child care facility.It sounds to me like you did all you could for the child.Now you need to get yourself a cattle prod and pop the mother with it once in awhile.

Unknown said...

people like that irritate the crap out of me. your children should be your number one priority, especially when they are young and not feeling well. what a b*tch!

One with many names said...

Aw... life can be tough sometimes and there isn't always an easy answer on how to support and comfort people.

Roo said...

I agree with PJ... what a b*tch! And POOR PLANNING MOM!!! I'm sure she knew that her child would be upset if she were left with a stranger, but to pile that on top of having just been to the Doctor and gotten shots... that was just plain mean!!!!

Unknown said...

Ooh, that would kill me. I have NO patience for people like that!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Some people are just selfish and will never change.... and they are usually so selfish that they don't see it in themselves. That poor baby... I feel so bad for her :(

A Lil Enchanted,

Windie said...

1ST May I say the woman was rude and you seemed more concerned about HER child then she did. And you crack me up. The baby might just want a cold teething ring and the love that you have already showen. If I think of something I'll let you know.

Frugal Vicki said...

Poor little thing. Unfortunately, it is really hard to comfort them when they are in the middle of missing mommy! It sounds like you tried everything in terms of distracting her. It almost seems like she was proud of herself dropping her baby off in the bad state she was already in. Maybe you guys could all come up with a little handout of guidelines to use the service.