Thursday, March 11, 2010

TV News, Reviews and Thoughts

I mentioned in an earlier post how I was loving the TV again. I have shows that I enjoy and really, I'm spending WAY too much time watching them. So because they are on my mind so much, I thought, why not post again?

Okay, the Academy Awards. Anyone watch? I have to admit, I switched back and forth a couple of times because I was really watching the Amazing Race - which I'll get to in a minute. I was glad to see Sandra Bullock win and Jeff Bridges win, and James Cameron lose. That guy just annoys me. But here's my thing with the Oscar's: Who is in charge of organizing who appears? Miley Cyrus? Really? Demi Moore? What was the last role that she did that was worth anything? There used to be a golden age of Hollywood - and that's why it was a pleasure to see someone like Lauren Bacall because she WAS somebody! Some of these people who presented or were even in the audience, had no reason to be there!

Oh, and another thing? Can someone PLEASE make gowns that don't have to be held up so dang much for people to walk. When Miley Cyrus and whoever that other young actress was, walked out, I mean, she was holding her dress up way too much for it to look normal.

Amazing Race - my favorite. I enjoy playing along while I am watching and wondering if Frank and I were to go on the show, could we do the challenges that they have the contestants do. On Sunday's show, they had to drink this GIANT glass of beer - it was a glass in the shape of a boot (probably life-size). Now, what if someone on your team - or both of you - were against alcohol? Would you be forced to forfeit the race and therefore lose a million dollars because of your principles? That doesn't seem right.

Next, Dancing with the Stars. Did you see the new cast? I don't think that they should allow such an uneven cast. You have an 80 year old ex-astronaut and a former Pussycat Doll who is TRAINED to dance!! How is that fair? And they are going to have to do a major tape delay with Pamela Anderson for fear of a wardrobe malfunction! You know, this show used to be fun with it's B-list celebrities and athletes but's just too much. And I was disappointed that they chose Brooke Burke as the new co-host instead of Melissa Rycroft. I really don't like particular reason, she just looks snooty.

That's just my TV thoughts for now...


Shelly said...

I was switching between the Amazing Race and the Oscars too, lol. It also ran way long. Who's in charge of that?

I'm sure there is some screening on The Amazing Race and they ask questions to determine if you can complete the challenges. If Hubster won't go with you I will.

I've watched a couple episodes of DWTS but can NOT watch this one. Pam? Kate? Really? No thank you.

StaceyC4 said...

I had almost blocked out the whole Kate thing! No, I don't think I'll be watching this season at all. I'll stick to my CBS shows and not worry!

Frugal Vicki said...

wait wait WAIT! You got through a whole section of talking about dancing with the stars and failed to mention why that stupid Kate woman got on there? What is she a star for? Having another excuse to make other people watch her children?

Jen said...

I watched the last few awards of the night. I was happy to see Sandra Bullock win and her speech was so cute, especially about Meryl Streep.

Lin said...

Me and my husband would SOOOO be killing each other on the race. They wouldn't let us on because they would have to bleep out every other word. I'd be effin' my way around the world--but not proudly. So I just watch from home.

As for the beer--you can't have limits on what you would and would not do. It is fair to have the beer challenge. Do you remember the one season where the girl wouldn't shave her head??? And for the record--I could drink that beer myself.