Sunday, March 21, 2010

More celebrity nonsense...

Okay, I don't like to admit it but I do read some of the gossip mags. I go to, I check out the Star magazine...I'm not proud of it, but there, I admit it. So people of Hollywood, besides entertaining us on the big screen, have proven to be equally entertaining in real life with all of their nonsense and drama. I think the one thing I have learned, personally, is that it doesn't matter if you make millions of dollars, your life can still pretty much suck.

Case in point number one: Sandra Bullock. I really like her. I enjoy her movies. She married this guy named Jesse James and everyone was in shock because he was this tattooed wild looking guy and she was the wholesome girl next door. So here she is at the highest point in her career and what happens? It comes out that her hubby is cheating on her with some freaky chick who is tattooed from head to toe. Is anyone surprised? Probably not. I feel bad fro Sandra for having to be publicly humiliated after winning an Oscar for a wonderful role.

Case in point number two: Tiger Woods. You know, I was almost over the whole damn thing when one of the women he was involved with put up a web-site that showed all of the texts he had sent her. Really? I mean, hasn't the guy and his wife and kids been humiliated enough? All this woman proved was that she is more of a whore than originally proven. She knowingly slept with a married man, she already went public with it. The only reason for her to put up this web site was for not only are you a whore for sleeping with Tiger Woods, you're a money whore too and shame on you for just continually wanting to ruin someone's life. Were these 15 minutes of fame worth it? You will forever be a joke and no man (at least not a wealthy one, like you clearly want) is ever going to want anything to do with you.

And for the record, I did go to the site out of curiosity (my bad) and I find it interesting that she managed to NOT put her side of any of the conversations out there. If she edited her own crap out, how do we know that what she posted is even legit. I guess that makes her a stupid whore, too.

Case in point number three: the Kardashians. Why are they even famous, again? Oh, the poor sisters, all unlucky in love. Gee, I wonder why? Sister number one got pregnant with her sleazy ex-boyfriend who is a known cheater and liar. Why isn't this relationship working out??? Sister number two married a guy she had known only a month because her reality show was willing to foot the bill for the wedding. Their marriage is a shambles! GASP! How surprising! And poor sister number three can't get her famous football star boyfriend to propose. Boo-freakin-hoo. Do we really need multiple magazine covers to tell us about this?

When you read stuff like this you have to ask why we put these people, these celebrities on a pedestal. They are shallow, their lives are a mess and they clearly make very bad decisions. It just sort of makes you feel better about your own life, doesn't it?


Lola said...

Maybe that's why they do it. (Put it in the magazines that is.) To let us feel better about ourselves. lol!

RE - Entrepod said...

Stace Girlllllll, you are speakin out of my head. are you reading my thoughts ? girllll I think those tv celebuwants need to check into Dr Drew's clinic quick. they allllll got major major majjjjjjjjor issues.