Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weekend...

So I managed to actually go through all of the dressers and closets yesterday and have a trunkload of stuff to take to Goodwill. Yeah, me! I organized the boy's room and it looks fabulous.

However, today I have one very sick little boy. He's been throwing up and has a fever. He's trying to blame it on the Quizno's that we had last night, but it's not. He's just got one of the many viruses that are going around right now. We finally got him to take some Motrin and he's going to try some soup.

I was hoping to keep yesterday's motivation alive and keep cleaning and decluttering but that will have to wait another day. I did get my membership to the YMCA approved and so I am going there tomorrow to finish the process and work out!

Have a great remainder of your weekend everyone!


RE-Entrepod said...

Aww Stace, I hope lil man feels better soon. that's the pits. try frozen juice packets, like those foil type. freeze them, and hand them over with the top cut off and they suck them up like a popsickle.
delicious and not messy.

congrats on your work out plan, I've yet to start on mine, other than my hand and brain workout (side-eye).

Frugal Vicki said...

Poor guy! My little man has one heck of a cold right now but he keeps telling me "I'm not sick mommy, I can keep playing"
He always has been a trooper, though, even after surgery he got right up and wanted to play!