Monday, March 15, 2010

Dirty, rotten, lying, stinking people doing mean things to my kid!!

In case the title to this post didn't give it away, I am PISSED! I try not to get too involved anymore in certain aspects of Nick's life because he is 18 and about to graduate but when someone hurts him? I want to kick some major ass.

My boy has been working at a local supermarket now for almost 2 years. The only time he has ever missed work is when he had Mono. He comes in when they ask, he stays late when they need him. He is friendly and personable and people have actually complimented me on his work ethic.

When the economy was really tanking last year, they cut his hours from 28 to 6. He stayed. When it was time for his review and raise, they told him that there was a freeze on raises and so he would get one the next go-round. He didn't. Back in November they started praising him and hinting at getting him in to their management program. They encouraged him on ways to really make him look good to corporate and what not. The boy took it all to heart, improved his scan time and worked like a beast.

For nothing.

There was no promotion. There are no raises. There is no management program for him. They just wanted him to improve and work harder for THEM! So my child has learned that adults lie, they manipulate, that management doesn't care and that basically it is okay to not validate someone for a job well done.

I stopped shopping in his store because whenever I went in there, someone in management wanted to tell me the things that he was doing wrong. I mean, I get it, they want me to help make him a better employee and whatnot but he is now an adult and it is not my place to be interfering with his job. He is an individual and if they have a problem with him, then they should talk to him. Now after hearing what they did to him and how they lied, I see that this company just sucks and doesn't have a clue on how to manage their employees. I feel bad for him. I know that we've all had jobs that sucked and where we refer to as places that we never want to work at again but I was hoping that it wouldn't happen to Nick.

He's a good kid and a good worker and he deserves to be respected. We're on a mission now to find him another job where he will be appreciated and actually prosper. Wish us luck!!


jenn said...

I wouldn't have been able to stand there and listen to someone tell me about my son's mistakes. I hope he finds something else soon, and that he loves whatever it is.

A.Marie said...

Let me tell you what...I don't know why employers do this, but they do, and it STINKS! They did it when I was a teenager and it still continues!

My first job I had was nasty. I worked in the hospital dietary department and the work included being in the dishroom. Some of that work was yucky! But, I did it and did my best as did the other teen gals that worked there. At least we thought we were doing good. The dietary manager was not nice and she critized and cut us down whenever she had the chance.

After 3 years I went to college and started working in another hospital kitchen. I got praise after praise after praise AND a raise! Management wanted me to stay on and train to be full time, but I had my eye on working in an office (don't ask why; I was young and stupid!) so I moved on after 1 1/2 years.

Years later I found out that this dietary manager kept her "costs" low by denying raises. As long as she complained and gave us all poor reviews, she didn't have to give us raises. There is a word for people like her and it starts with a "B" and ends with an "H."

Good for you for helping your son succeed. There will be another job out there that deserves a kid like him.

Lola said...

My last job the Senior VP would deliberately give us all bad reviews so he couldn't justify raises and he transferred the raise budget amount to his salary. Yup, he stole our raises. In addition to that, when he left to start a new company (same kind of company) he stole intellectual property, copies of every form, contract, budgeting data, copies of financial information and agent earnings, employee manual and a good percentage of the agents. There was even a lawsuit that I had to give a deposition for because I was witness to him stealing copies of financial data and agent earnings. Nothing has ever come of the lawsuit though. I was never called to testify.

Unknown said...

I feel so sorry you and your son have to go through this.

Mty son is the same. When you praise him he gives everything.
He even passed out twice because he was soo very tired.

Nevertheless they didn't renew his contract. They kick young people of 18 out because they're too expensive.

It's so awful!!

Tammy said...

Let me know what store that is and I'll vent about them, too. Shame on them.

Buggys said...

It's such a shame that society is this way. Not everyone but too many and I guess your son needs to learn the facts. It's a darn shame that we raise our kids to be moraly and socially responsible and they get kicked in the teeth! Good luck to him.

VanillaSeven said...

If they can't appreciate and see how valuable your kid are as a staff, its their loss. Hope you find a better working place for him.

Grampy said...

I went through the same thing as a teen. I was the top seller at a company. The register was coming up short and they wanted me to take a lie detector test. I immediately quit. They later found out it was a manager doing the stealing.
I am with Tammy. Maybe we should all write reviews about this store.

Frugal Vicki said...

That is just wrong. What surprises me though is that there is a corporate. Is there no accountability to the corporate office?