Wednesday, March 31, 2010

State of Confusion

Now I know that every 28 days or so, I am going to act irrational and make my family crazy. I'm going to say things that make no sense and generally be pissed off at everything. I'm aware of this, my husband and kids are aware of this, and 5-7 days later all is right with the world.

Sometimes, though, it is hard to figure out other people's issues and what makes them behave the way that they do.
For example, a little over a month ago I was upset at something someone told me. I laughed it off at the time but deep down, I was pissed. When it got out that I was pissed, this person turned it around on me. Like I had no reason to be upset, how dare I, blah, blah, blah and then they proceeded to call me every name in the book, told me to grow up and that they were tired of my sh*t. Message received: Now you're pissed. We haven't spoken since and I think it is amazing how it is okay for this person to be pissed at what I said but I have no right to be pissed at what she said. And NOW they want to complain that I won't call them and so they're pissed at that, too!

Could I say the word pissed any more?

Next up, my dad. We haven't spoken since July and the whole birthday party fiasco. Bottom line is that he's pissed that I griped about him here on the blog - or at least I think he is but being that he won't return my calls, I can't be sure. So if that is his reason for being mad, why then, was it okay for his crazy wife to write all kinds of bad things about me, my sister, our kids, my husband, my uncle, my aunt, my step brother, my stepmother...I mean the list was endless! Why was her behavior acceptable and not mine?

Why is okay for someone to claim that something is offensive to them but you cannot say that them taking offense is offensive? Or that they believe that nothing that they do is offensive to anyone?

When did it become mandatory for us to all think the same and have to enjoy all of the same forms of entertainment? Or support the same causes?

Is it good manners when you are in a group meeting and invite everyone in the group to a social event except for one person?

Is it okay to snap at someone else's kid because they are expressing their opinion on something that pertains directly to THEM and you don't agree with it?

Deep questions and scenarios, I know...but they were on my mind.

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jenn said...

People suck.


Anonymous said...

They are a lot of them who have no one else in their minds but themselves---their feelings, their egos, their causes, their garbage, their shit. Self-centeredness is a trait which a person manifests when he or she has so much garbage in her/his life that he wants to dump onto others because they want to see how their shit looks on others.

Lin said...

Yeah, I love family. NOT.