Tuesday, March 30, 2010

But I don't feel that fat!

So last week I'm in the supermarket and I'm getting ready to check out and I see a rag sheet that has this horrid picture of Lisa Marie Presley on the cover that says "Lisa Marie Weighs 165 Pounds!" - or something very similar to that. Now, this picture is grainy, blurry and she looks HUGE. Why does this bother me so much?

Because that's how much I weighed a few weeks ago and didn't think I looked THAT bad!!

Tonight I'm sitting here watching "Celebrity Fit Club" and some actress that used to be on Baywatch looks pretty chunky and hideous and she's like 40 pounds thinner than me!

So what is wrong with me and my sense of perception if I don't see myself as looking as bad as these people who the general population would agree looked bad? I am two pounds away from my 10% challenge at Weight Watchers. I'm pretty excited about it and can only hope that I hit that soon. I'll get to put my name on the big wall. Ooohhh....Aaahhh!

It may be a small goal, but it's my goal. My own warped, stupid and apparently delusional goal. I mean, like it's gonna make any difference. I'm as fat as a really fat Lisa Marie, and I must have really, really heavy bones because the Baywatch chick weighs like 130 pounds and I feel like our bodies look similar.

I may have to get my eyes checked again soon!

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Lola said...

I guess it's all in our own warped perception of ourselves. I'm considerably more overweight than you. CONSIDERABLY. Yet, I don't see myself the way other people do. I've been losing weight since the break up. All my pants are getting baggy. I'm not dieting, since those early days, not eating much, fortunately, I've gotten used to smaller portions. My activity level has also increased, I've got motivation now to actually get housework done because sometimes my 'new friend' and I hang out at my place. (I don't think my house has been this clean in ages!)

carol at A Second Cup said...

You look good to me!

Lilysgramma said...

The sad truth is that we tend to compare ourselves to celebrities. This is not a healthy way to percieve our self worth simply because everyone is different. So you weigh 165, I looked my best and felt my best at 165. I weigh about twice that now though LOL! Everyone has their own "perfect weight", some have bigger/heavier bones, bigger feet, brains, hands etc. Don't base how good or bad you look by someone you see on tv or in a magazine, you'll make yourself crazy! :)

Michele McGraw said...

I think we spend too much time comparing ourselves to others (me included). I think we need to learn to be happy with where we are at. It may not be where we want to be, but if we are working on getting there, then that is a good thing! I struggle with this daily. Even when I was a size 4, I didn't feel thin. I was still comparing myself to everyone.

Weight is truly a problem of the mind more than the body I think.

Lin said...

I think they adjust those weight numbers in the rags and on Celeb fit club. There is NO WAY that Char (Shar) is 140 lbs. No way. She's more like 180 or she's only 4 feet tall.

B said...

Rant hat on: They adjust the numbers. I was watching a VH1 special on biggest celebrity weight loss (While on my treadmill, I might add.) and those before numbers are complete lies. (Or cameras don't add 10 pounds but fifty plus pounds.) I'm not delusional, I'm waaaaaay overweight and pass you by a mile on the scale and there were lots of folks that I've seen in mags and that VH1 show that either resembled me or were far worse, so they just have to be lying about the before which is a slap in the face to themselves and the rest of us trying to lose weight.... okay, I'm taking the rant hat off now. LOL

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