Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Celebrity Loss

Corey Haim passed away this week. I was never a huge fan of his but I've seen a lot of his movies and a couple of years ago, I tuned in a time or two for the reality show "The Two Corey's". I don't think many were surprised by his untimely death but it seems to me like there are some things we should look at and learn.

Okay, first, just like when Brittney Murphy died not long ago, the first assumption was drugs. Then the story claimed that she had "flu like" symptoms before she died. The same thing was said about Haim. In the long run, flu like symptoms or not, these young people are dead and they are SURROUNDED by prescription drugs. Heath Ledger. Michael Jackson. Brittney Murphy. Corey Haim. All dead. All young. All (well, with the exception of Michael Jackson) sick before they died. And all with way too many pills at their disposal.

We live in a relatively sick world -and I don't mean physically sick. I mean, we put celebrities up on a pedestal and there are people that just GIVE them whatever they want! Why? I mean, hey Doctor Feelgood? Do you think that by prescribing these numerous drugs that it is going to make you famous? I bet Doctor Conrad Murphy wishes like hell that he'd never even HEARD of Michael Jackson now. STOP PRESCRIBING DRUGS TO CELEBRITIES!! It never ends well!

I am genuinely sick right now and cannot afford to go to the doctor to get what I need. Some celebrity gets a hang nail and they are given strong pain killers. It's not right! We are watching people kill themselves with some assistance. Funny, but Jack Kavorkian got in to a lot of trouble for that sort of thing but these doctors who are slowly killing people by over-prescribing stuff just keep on going.

Is Corey Haim's death a great loss to the entertainment world? Not really. Is he a great loss to his family? Absolutely. His cancer-stricken mother will have to deal with all of the allegations of the kind of life he lead until her illness claims her. It's not right.

On MSN there was an article about what is it with child stars and addiction? Well, maybe it's because they are given everything that they want when they are children to the point of excess and when the fame is gone, they have nothing. No one is giving them anything. No one cares. There is no one cheering for them or congratulating them on their every move and breath. That's got to be a hard thing to deal with - having the world praise you and then throw you away. So they end up turning to drugs to kill the pain and numb them to their loss.

Here's a thought: How about treating actors like every other kind of employee in the world. They are doing a JOB! They are not heroes. They are not special. Stop throwing money and expensive stuff at them for doing their JOB! A ten year old kid doesn't need to own his own house. A twelve year old doesn't need his own car. Parents of child stars need to stop being greedy and give their kids a normal life. Look at the history!!! It doesn't end well for these kids more than 98% of the time!!!

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Frugal Vicki said...

I am totally with you. It drives me batty how much these people get paid while homeless shelter workers get nothing, Church's are limited, SCHOOLS AND TEACHER get paid nothing.
It takes me about five different dr. visits to get medication, they get it by crossing their eyes.
And really, it is a wonder why they deal with drugs. The way they have been treated, they really have no-self worth. No one seems to really know THEM. And every word you said is true. It is so frustrating.