Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's like living with a giant!

Michael is on track-out right now and so today when I went to work at MOPS, he came with me. He is 10, the kids that I watch are in the 12-18 month category. Most of them do not talk or they can say less than 10 words. They are as cute as can be but by the time my 3 hour shift is over, I am usually relieved that I no longer have little ones.

So today Michael is with me and he is rolling around on the floor, reading books, playing, etc. with all of these little kids and at one point he was standing up and handing out animal crackers to them (he looked like the Pied Piper!) and he just looked so darn big! I don't ever really notice it at home because he is the youngest and so no matter what, he usually seems small. Actually, that's not totally true, the boy has big feet - they are as big as mine and I wear a women's 8-8 1/2. He can wear my work boots with no problems. I notice when I hug him that he is getting taller but something about how he looked today surrounded by those tiny little adorable people just made my heart ache a little.

NOT that I'm saying that I want any little tiny people in my house that belong to me, it is just another reminder of how time is flying and there is no pause button to push to enjoy your kids while they are young.



Brenda said...

Aww-what a great/sad observation! I bet it was really neat to see him playing with those little kids, but I understand how at the same time, it means he's growing up(I have 13,11,3 year old children).

jenn said...

The first time I saw Brandi hold me little nephew, I felt the same way.

Frugal Vicki said...

I wish time didn't have to fly by so fast. Sometimes it seems like my son was never a newborn

Grampy said...

Well Stace. I feel the same about my grandchildren. The only thing is it makes me feel so old. I don't want to lose them.

Roo said...

So cool that your 10-year old would be so willing to play with and entertain the little people. You've got a good kid there Stace!