Friday, January 14, 2011

Sing out loud!!

I have a horrific singing voice.  

I don't hum well.

I don't really even whistle.

BUT...I sing in the car.


When we were still living up in New York and before we had kids, I would be driving around, doing my thing and my sister's first husband would always tell me that the places he saw me driving and how I was singing - emphatically - in the car.

Yes, emphatically.

I put some emotion in it.  There are hand gestures, facial ordinary sing-a-long, I can tell you that.  

So today I'm in the car and flipping through the stations and I land on Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know" and I'm sorry...ladies, should you EVER need to get out some aggression and anger, sing along to THAT song.  A world of tension left my body by the time I was done.

Ah, nothing like a good angry-woman song to make you feel better.


Ruth said...

Like the saying goes, music soothe the savage beast. ;-) Listening to and singing with music (CDs, the radio, etc) is one of my favorite chill-out activities too. I've been told I have a really good singing voice, was in a choir as a teen (did a national competition back in the '80s and won the mixed chorus division). I've actually been thinking about doing some auditions and trying to get into musical theater or something like that; I think I'd be pretty good with the singing but not sure about the acting/dancing part, kwim?

Karen said...

There is no better way to lift one's spirits than to belt out a song!

livintheblues said...

I am tone deaf..can't carry a tune in a bucket..but I can sing like hell in the car...:)))))

Tammy said...

No one wants to hear me sing but I love to. Singing in the car is the best!