Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is it rude or honest?

With technology that astounds me, I am sitting here watching and listening to my 11 year old play his Xbox while talking on a headset to his friend who lives six miles away and they are playing the game together.  WILD!

Their games get pretty intense and there have been time where they have argued while playing that I have had to step in and tell Michael to tone it down or to just shut off the game.  Honestly, I remember when playing a video game meant laughter, not yelling.  So today he is playing the game and he gets a phone call from a different friend. He (meaning Michael) was clearly annoyed that this boy was calling him and so I stood by and listened to the conversation.

Basically Michael told him to stop calling and messaging him so much because he was playing another game with another friend and could not play with him right now.  Apparently, this boy had been trying to contact him via the Xbox for a while and Michael wasn't responding because he was already involved in a game.  He then went on to tell this boy to not spend so much time playing the game and obsessing about it because that's not a good thing to do.  I was kind of impressed with that statement and then dumbfounded because HE spends way too much time obsessing about this game!

I guess even at 11 they get the concept of "Do as I say, not as I do".

He was firm with this boy and brutally honest but there was a part of me that thought that I would be devastated if someone spoke that bluntly to me.  Actually, I HAVE been devastated by someone speaking that bluntly to me.  Then I have to remember that I am a girl and that maybe boys talk and respond differently.  

I so still don't get the whole boy thing...I think like a girl and that's all there is to it!


Unknown said...

My only son is just 7 and he is very sensitive. Whereas I can be blunt with my daughters I have to tread lightly with my son. I think it just depends on the person.

Da Dude said...

Stace, this you tube video may help you with the male & female brain. LOL

Aldon Hynes said...

As a male, that has spent a lot of time in role playing game, let me toss out a few different thoughts.

First, people have different levels of involvement in a game, and just about every gamer can probably think of people that they think take games too seriously, as well as people that they think don't take games seriously enough.

Sounds like your son may have a good understanding of the level of commitment he wants to make to various games and when someone else wants a greater level of commitment to a game, he can say no. Sounds like a good coping technique.

There are people from games that I know that call, IM, email, etc., me more than I consider appropriate and I have to tell them to back off.

Often these people are more immersed in the game world than I feel comfortable with. It is hard to tell them to chill out.

All of that said, let me put it into a language perhaps women can understand a little more easily. Did you ever have a guy that was really interested in you that you weren't really that interested in?

You tried to tell him as gently and politely that you're okay being friends, just nothing more. Yet the guy just didn't get it and kept pestering you? What did you do? Perhaps you reacted in a way that isn't all that different from how your son responded to a guy that wanted to play with him more than your son wanted to play.